Has anybody had coasters



Using the crackpack, I used the CDrWin.com and it patched CDrWin. Opening the program, the usual window talking about the "heavy encryption" is gone. When I used it to burn a PsX game, it made coaster. Has anybody had this same problem. Seems like CdrWin is impossible to crack without making them Friggin' coasters. BTW, my burner is a Philips CDrw404k, 4x4x32x IDE.


I did not have any problemz with CDR-Win…Alwayz perfect copies… But now I use Clonecd, cause it stylez…

sorry guy… try Clonecd, and if not compatible try Diskjuggler

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YoU cAn’t StoP uS alL!!


That is what you get when using so called cracks.
But even if you do not get a coaster there are several other ways that CDRWin will stuff up your burn that are not immediately obvious.


chack your E-mail Maligama


if u still need it i have CDRWIN 3.8a along with a crack & mine works perfectly. It looks as if Jacksoft has sent it 2 u, if u still need it i will e-mail the prog & crack.


Ch5 Micky


I had a simulair problem.

When i installed CDRwin and registered it, i tried to copy a game, and when i loaded the game all it did was create Roller Coasters ???..


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