Has anybody found a MediaMaxCD3 audio CD?

Hi there,

has anybody found a MediaMaxCD3 protected audio CD, yet?

BMG Germany is supposed to have licensed this new SunnComm audio protection.

My drives are looking forward to ripping those discs :wink:

I’m sick of all those Cactus200 CDs which rather seem to be playback protected than copy protected.

Thanks in advance!

Originally posted by mediamaxcd3
[B]Hi there,

has anybody found a MediaMaxCD3 protected audio CD, yet?

BMG Germany is supposed to have licensed this new SunnComm audio protection.

My drives are looking forward to ripping those discs :wink:

I’m sick of all those Cactus200 CDs which rather seem to be playback protected than copy protected.

Thanks in advance! [/B]

Where did you find this licens info,PLEASE?/gs.

The Album which i borrowed from a friend of mine is
Anthony Hamilton - COMIN’ FROM WHERE I"M FROM by Arista which is a division of BMG -code 2876-52107-2
In small print on a small sticker on the front cover it indicates protected against unauthorized duplication.
Had no problem playing this CD in the car, computer or cd player.
You launch the software and you can copy to your HD and also you can email the songs to your friends, but its mission impossible after 10 days or so where the files go poof and copying is only allowed 3x on your HD.
The protection was simple to crack and all done with total recorder and then the individual files were extracted.
Their time 52m16s and mine 52m22s
The original when played in my cd player has no text displayed of album or title of each song.
After extracting files i made a playlist and associated it with Feurio and added the album title and title of each song and then burned. When played in my player i could see album title and title of each song.
Then burned 4 more copies from the master CD using clone cd and certainly could have burned tons of cd’s till the end of time with no consequences.


  1. Mama Knew Love 3:28 3:28
  2. Cornbread, Fish & Collard Greens 4:33 4:33
  3. Since I Seen’t You 3:15 3:16
  4. Charlene 4:06 4:06
  5. I’m A Mess 4:24 4:24
  6. Comin From Where I’m From 4:00 4:00
  7. Better Days 3:02 3:02
  8. Lucille 4:28 4:28
  9. Float 5:41 5:44
  10. My First Love(feat LaToya Williams) 6:14 6:11
    11: Chyna Black 3:59 4:00
  11. I Tried 5:02 5:02
    The latter numbers are from my player

Going to AH’s site you can get pictures or extract them from the CD.
Music is much better then the Charley Pride album they came out with a few years ago which also was copy protected for half a day and at that time it was cracked by Andy McFadden and also by some people who modified Clone Cd which cut through the protection.
At the same time some unknown person presented a ppt presentation of how he hacked that album and actually gave a link to where the ppt was and also a link to d/l Charley Pride’s album.
BMG ought to be investing money in new talent rather then this garbage because You/I have yet to see a copy protected music CD make it through the day.

Is this album available on the net?
Doing a search with regards to p2p programs indicated many mp3’s with regard to this particular album.
However the people offering these mp3’s are either unknowlingly offering spoof file(s) or are quite aware that they are useless.
D/L some of these file(s) actually quit 1/4 of the way thru and some didn’t play at all.
However one site(Forget about asking) actually had the real mp3’s and these played in it’s entirety.
I was curious about these file(s) so i compared mine against what i D/L and used soundforge 7 for analysis and for all practical purposes they were identical.

Sounds to me like you burned the tracks from the “encrypted” WMA files which are supposedly low quality 64Kbps files.

Check for another “session” on this disc, that is your real audio data, assuming it is accessible from a PC CD reader.

For some reason total recorder(very old version) was able to play these file(s) and i forget to mention that when you try mediaplayer,realone, etc you must first apply for a digital license from sunncomm.
That could be solved with a hex editor, but too much of a hassle.
DRM when i read the source code about 2yrs ago had 3-4 areas that could be attacked and modified, but too much of a hassle if one can do it a simpler way.
What i will do tomorrow is take both copy that i made and the original and play on a player/recorder that a friend has in the studio and analyze with soundforge 7.
The protection puzzles me because once i make assuming i accept the license and digital keys a cd i can then take it to a player/recorder and make as many copies as desirable.
My associate and i have already compared what you hear and record and a digitally mastered cd and found very little difference in audio quality when we looked at Charley Pride’s album A Tribute To Jim Reeves which was also protected by Sunncomm.
But anyway tomorrow

When the CD is launched it initiates the file index.hta and redirects to sunncomm if you want to copy the wma file(s) all or some to your HD. They are 128kbps.
License is installed on HD and hidden in the folder DRM
I kept moving the folder every time i copied to my hd and the wmalog.txt kept losing count of d/l’s
Here you can set up total recorder to record and play in windows media player. Copied all twelve to cd and according to soundforge this was identical to previous cd recordings.
The DRM header is version and they are using Sunncomm DRM Packaging Utility Tool Version 1.00.01 which in itself is very interesting. but that’s another story.
In short a hex editor can strip the header and pad it, but imagine going thru 12 files.
The files were recorded thru Windows media player and then compared to the other 2 cd’s and again they were identical.
Extracted files in the form of mp3’s and recorded on a CD-
RW and took this to a friend who owns a studio and reburned the mp3’s onto to 5 more cd’s without a problem.
Took original CD and played in a professional player/recorder and turned off SCMS and made a copy and the copy was identical to the original thru some sophisticated testing as well as the other copie(s)

J Halderman’s response when i informed him about tackling the Anthony Hamilton album with Total Recorder

“This is interesting. If I understand correctly, you’re saying you can intercept the audio as you play the WMA files using total recorder. I wonder if the licensed WMAs contain any watermark or other distinguishing feature that can trace them back to the original CD owner. One could test this by using the disc in another computer (with separate downloaded
“keys”) and comparing the audio bit by bit with the output from the first system.”

My response I searched each file in without getting into the how’s and could not find something that one would call a watermark. (Very Time Consuming)
It was then approached the way he suggested and again the results were the same.
When i viewed the source code about two years ago i found this to be one of 3-4 weaks spots in DRM management.

This isn’t protection, more like a small trojan that actually screws up the ASPI layers to the MMC drivers.

The launchCD.exe on there (your Trojan Horse) runs the app, this whol protection is silly as simply holding down the “shift” key stops it from running.

Now Media Clo Q 1.0 (Charlie Pride) was a whole other story, they simply changed the control bits to data. To copy this, you can follow the long and painful process of what people have posted on the net or you can make an image with clone, go into the TOC and set it back to audio :wink:

SunnComm is a joke, I am surprised they are still in buisness!

I was quite aware of how mediamax3 worked, but i went ahead anyway and went with launch so i could do it via total recorder.
I did not find any DRM code on the mp3 files after using total recorder.
DRM has 3-4 weak points that M$ hasn’t picked up yet and can easily be defeated without calling in a brain surgeon.
Mediacloq with regards to Charley Pride (Tribute To Jim Reeves) was another joke since that protection was cracked by many people.
In fact all of us on this forum remember where we got a powerpoint presentation that was out of this world which went step by step on how a particular person hacked that album.
In fact he actually put some url’s here which gave us the whole album.
It seems that it snows all year round in Phoenix, Arizona which i believe where sunncomm is located.
Anxiously awaiting their next CD.

[QUOTE]Originally posted by sspade100
I did not find any DRM code on the mp3 files after using total recorder.

DRM is only on WMA files, it doesn’t support any other format…so I am not sure what you mean?

The WMA files on there are simply DRM controlled and I think you need to download the key?

I remeber with Charlie Pride to “prove” you owned the CD Sunncomm had you answer silly questions like “Name the two words sung on track 6, line 4” it was really idiotic!!!

As for the DRM 9 encryption, I’ve looked at in hex and compared files. One I made with DRM9 and the other normal and it’s not easy to defeat…not saying it can’t be done but it’s pretty secure. I didn’t have enough time or patience to try cracking it.

I’m sure it’ll be cracked eventually.

Was anything transferred from wma file(s) such as license, url, name, etc… to mp3 and as far as i could determine - no.
Another grp of people had a url to the album in its entirety.
I d/l all mp3’s and found out that they had as i did added album title and track name(s) and compared mine against their’s and found no difference(s) in play time(s) and one does not ask how they did it.
I haven’t found anything that sunncomm has done in the past or present secure, because everything they bragged about being light years ahead of the competition has been busted.
For example and this doesn’t even involve computer(s) with regards to Charley Pride’s album.
They missed about 2500 albums in its unprotected form going to Australia, so what good was the protection?
and Andy Mcfadden wrote a white paper on how he defeated this album.
It’s beyond me how they claim the protection worked when a simple delete key and total recorder solved that minor problem.

So you made mp3s from the WMA files? Why did you just rip it from the PCM?

No the DRM licence can’t work on mp3 or any other format, it cannot be transfered only works on WMA and MicroSoft Format files.

Yes Sunncomm is a joke, and since they claim they lost $10M from the “shift Key Trojan” maybe now they’ll give up :smiley:

*.WMA to *.MP3
First idea that came to mind.

WMA files sound “tinny” and who knows how they compress them.

Personally I’d make a rip from the PCM using Lame and VBR at 100% be better quality.

But how did you crack the DRM protection?

First i knew exactly what was being installed on the H/D, so that a hidden device was not a surprise thru a program that i wrote to keep a log of new *.files installed after clicking on launch or setup or install…etc with regard to any program.
I like to know what’s being installed in case i want to remove the files, registry settings later and my program is much better then cleansweep.
Sunncomm not only puts a hidden device, but also puts nonsense in the registry such as its name and also the hidden device.
Got the *.WMA files to play(Sunncomm missed something very obvious at least to me)and simply used Total Recorder to record the whole thing and then split the files.
I was concerned if any hidden data would be transferred to *.mp3 and once J Halderman suggested that concept i proceeded to test out that theory and could not find anything secretive being transferred.
The source code for DRM has at least 3 weakpoints that i have noticed and possibly another weak entry point for a total of four.

Interesting, can you crack any DRM files? Such is if I have gave you one protected with DRM9 to only run on my PC?

I haven’t really figured out what that Trojan is doing, I assumed it is playing with ASPI layer or with the MMC drives - based on what I could see? If you know I’d apperiate it the info.

Have NO interest in cracking anybody’s file(s), other then arrogrant companie(s) who think their solution is the godsend to the world and so far as proved by others with blackfelt tip pens, delete keys, Incompetent Administration(Australia) etc… You & I if We Were To Hold Our Breath And Wait For The Perfect Protection , We Would Be Dead.
It is actually as far as I could determine not messing around with either one you describe.

I agree there will never be the perfect audio protection :slight_smile:

You could tell me how to rip/convert protected WMA files? E-mail me the tools/apps you use?

This way it’ll further help me look into the DRM rights BullShit and see if we can make a small tool that removes it (they’d love us).

NO Can Do for the Simple Reason - Next Spring in Europe I Hope To Be Presenting a White Paper with Regards to DRM Management and its Weak Points and Will Be Using the Anthony Hamilton Album as an Example.