Has anybody encountered this little annoyance with new version

First I thank Fengtao for the new version It’s working great and flawlessly on my machines.

I’m using Windows 7 64bit. The little annoyance I’m referring to is the addition of the new Version, INFO-PREVIEW-OPTION buttons that appear right below the Source/Target location.

You could be in the middle of a rip or burn and if by accident you move your cursor (arrow) ever so slightly over the area where INFO-PREVIEW-OPTION is located, you will lose what you were doing and the "DVD REPORT INFO" screen appears. When you close this accidental screen you are asked if you would like to start DVDFab which means you have to start from scratch what you were doing.

 Is this an anoyance to anybody else or is it just me?

 Thank you

Nope no problems here with Win7 64bit and version :disagree:
I can even click on the Preview and Option buttons then back
to the Info button without interrupting the ripping process. :confused:

The new beta update has supposedly fixed the preview window errors and such, please update and try again.

Thank you Fentago, the little annoyance I encountered was fixed with the recent new version

                Thank you again