Has anybody burned SF 2.9 copy that works on Sony 1621 DVD-ROM?

I tried to burn backup copy of Safedisk 2.9 games (Sims Superstar, BF1942 secret weapons, Tropico 2). I tried Alcohol and Blindwrite, lot of different settings. I tried to burn on Plextor Premium, LiteOn 4812, Toshiba SD-R5002. All my backups works without any problems on different CD-ROMs (no emulation). except Sony 1621 DVD-ROM. When I try run backup from this drive, I always get error in ~df123.tmp (not remember exactly). What a special with this drive? If somebody has burned copy that works on this drive (without any kind of emulation) , could you tell me how you did it (software, burner, settings)? Thanks.

Do you have ‘hide media type’ enabled in alcohol options?

You mean Sony 1621 able to read ATIP? I never thought about that… I thought error in ~df123.tmp (or somewhere like ) means that there is some problems with EFM… Thank you , I gonna try this…

I’ve read that some dvd’s can read atip.

If this doesn’t work, you can try to make new image from burned disc. The do a filecompare of original image and burned image. If they are the same, then I would say burn went fine.


I made a copy of Jedi Academy (safedisc 2.9 here in Australia) with Liteon LTC 48161H Combo drive and it works on Sony DDU 1621 DVD Rom OK.