Has any one had trouble installing a Sony CRX320?



I’m trying to install a new Sony CRX320 CD-RW/DVD drive into a Dell Dimension L600cx. It’s the master drive and it should be Plug and Play, but my computer won’t recognize the drive or install it. I’m running Windows ME as the OS. Help!!!


After much searching and getting the run-around at Sony and from the Ebay seller I bought the drive from, it appears that a Sony CRX320E is incompatible with anything except Windows 2000 Professional Edition and Windows XP. I can’t seem to find a fix for the problem other that to install a different OS on my computer, and I’m reluctant to do that. I’m going to have to give the drive to a friend and buy something different that hopefully IS compatible with Windows Me. I won’t be buying any OEM devices from this point on.


From what Ive read it should run under ME no problems.
Did you replace and old drive, have you set the jumper to master,have you looked in device manager?