Has any 1 got a cracked version of Ultra FTP client?



Has any 1 got any of these 2 FTP clients; Ultra FTP & Bulletproof FTP i need a full working cracked version because some one i know had a cracked version of bullet and it wasn’t cracked properly because every now and then it goes to Bullet’s homepage to check if it is a genuine copy & if it isn’t it crashes. I am currently using CUTE FTP ver 3.5 but it can’t seem 2 find hidden directories someone told me that there is a crack for Cute for it 2 b able 2 find hidden directories.


Ch5 Micky

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I think you could ask Boud2k for this one.
but check this out: http://ultimatefxp.cjb.net/ http://www.geocities.com/~weborg/ftp.htm


personally I use cute FTP…best proggie around I’d say.


Hi Sies i have been using Cute but it keeps causing crashes on my system both at home & at work, i got it from www.imaginers.com at their appz section. Do u know how 2 find hidden directories using Cute?


Ch5 Micky


turn the hidden list command on. LIST -latr
you will see the hidden dirs now…


R-N, in what menu can i find the hidden list command i tried all the menus to try and find it.


Ch5 Micky


Sorry Micky,

Got mixed up with all the other progs.
with cute ftp it doesn’t work.

with bulletproof ftp it does…


R-N do u know where i can get a cracked full working version of bulletproof FTP. Thanx.


Ch5 Micky


well I don’t seem to have that problem…

I’ll check…


Thanx guys i now have a fully working version of BulletProof FTP and all is o.k. My thanx and appreciation goes to R-N for all his hard work and effort in getting me that prog. Thanx R-N


Ch5 Micky


you make my life worth living

wish there were more guys like you, people who’s thanking people for there hard work.!

grtz to ya