Has America had a belly full of Orrin Hatch and his agenda?

I just posted the article Has America had a belly full of Orrin Hatch and his agenda?.

  GristyMcFisty used our    news submit  to tell us  that people are finally waking up and smelling the coffee in the good old USA. Sen. Hatch has his Induce Act on the front burner and it stinks...
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I Have to Admit I Was a Supporter of Orrin Hatch’s but After this Fiasco with the very Hollywood Studio’s that Corrupt the very thing Hatch believes in(He is Mormon)This “Bill” doesn’t Make any sense for any Republican to Support why would they want in any way help the very “Hollywood” that Supports that “idiot” Moore and his ilk not to mention that Freak Rosen and Jobs staunch powerful Hollywood types this bill would help and Staunch Blind Democratic Kerry (or whoever is Running in Said place) Supporters.

Looking at the image posted with the article (above) I assume he is pointing at a stack of money and saying “Is that mine”…lets not be eloquent about this…PISS OFF ORRIFICE!!!..:X

LOL… what hes saying while pointing is “see that huge pile of cash on the table? its all mine, bu ha ha ha ha ha ha!” he he

LOL @ pic comment!! good one! Just wanted to add this to the table… DONT FAX OR EMAIL, if you wan’t your representitive or senator to pay attention to what you are going to say! Send a hand-written letter! Absolutely the best method of communication to Washington D.C. I have learned from a multitude of sources that this is the sad truth. So get out that legal pad and send in a letter!

I can not imagine why the Hollywood industries in California and record labels would be putting money into Hatch’s bank account except for one reason - they need a putz to do their dirty work. Orin Hatch is from Utah, not exactly a haven for technology and, definately not a state full of record or movie companies. So if Hatch isn’t getting his pocketts stuffed, exactly what is his beef? Of all the things he has to do this is his claim to fame? Give me a break. There is somethig seriously wrong with this picture. If this guy was my Senator I’d be doing some serious work on finding out what his game is. In the midst of the most critical security issues in America’s history this guy wants to use vital justice department and law enforcement resources to save the entertainment buisneses? I feel a lot more secure as a US citizen now Orin -Thank You so much!

I would actually say this is absolutely false. Some senators actually encourage you to email and not send in mail, as it takes too long to reach them due to mail scanning security. I work as policy directory for the Governor of Indiana, and we have a staff person soley dedicated to answering correspondance. Most of it comes in the form of email, and emails get the most attention. In fact, the way it works is that staff person compiles a top 10 list of issues that week from correspondance. So whichever topic reoccures the most in emails, then it gets placed at the top 10 issues to address that week. We have a staff meeting on Wednesdays to fix, discuss, or debate the top 10 issues. That’s the way it works in our office, and that’s pretty standard amogst most polititians. So, handwritten is just as effective, or even not as much as email or fax would be.

“Orin Hatch is from Utah, not exactly a haven for technology” Too true - Novell and Wordperfect both started life there… yawn

Well thanks for the info… I guess i learned something new today. I was wrong.