Has a partner you trusted ever let you down?

Are we having a self-indulgent time? Good I love it, a bit of self-indulgence and self-pity can do you the world of good you can’t stay happy all of the time it’s just not natural, just know where to draw the line. Why do you think sad songs are so popular?

My entire family as I have been disowned. My father even tried of getting out of helping me move even though he promised to do it, the only reason he gave in was because I said “Think about it help me move and I am gone for good” he couldn’t start the luton fast enough. Hey that’s life.
---------------------------------------------------------- <-drawing the line.

Now off on a completely different tnagent, I have noticed there does seem to be a difference between the genders about the whole down and dirty thing. In general women seem to need an emotion involved in it where as men don’t. Which ties in with gregs’ comment, after all the act is purely physiological, it has no emotions involved.

We are a social animal, which means we are going to get hurt at one time or another pure and simple. There is nothing that can be done to stop it happening, except wazzy’s suggestion of living in a hole.

I have a three strikes and you’re out rule, this applies to trust and respect after all both are needed in any relationship and friendships are relationships. The only time this doesn’t apply is if it is something major then it’s bye-bye for good.

As I say just know where to draw the line and move on. You don’t want to go down the road I travelled for a while, it’s not pretty.

Becuase if you bobbited him you would be in prison. Who would look after pusskits then? They would miss their mummy. Pusskits are great when you’re feeling down :bigsmile: .

Good post, Jay…I didn’t think of family members, but now you’ve said that, there’s at least one that I wouldn’t pee on if he was on fire. :iagree:

Noooo! Can’t have that, I love my pusskit. And you’re right, they’re brilliant when you’re down :iagree: :bigsmile:

Hell yes I’ve been screwed by a partner… I’ve been screwed so many times, I’m on the priority mail list for KY Jelly. I’ve been screwed more than a new convict at his first prison. I’ve been screwed more than a loose bolt on a diesel engine. I get screwed more than an ice auger at a minnesota lake in winter time.

But it’s all good. Like is good now, and that is all that matters. Obla de, obla da, life goes on, la la la…

Try staying down when you’ve got five pilling on top of you when they sense something wrong. It’s nigh on impossible, especiall when they start to play. I say it’s because they want to cheer me up, my friend says it’s becausethey want to make sure they get fed. I like my explaination better, though I wouldn’t put it past my lot for it to be his :bigsmile:

That is just so sweet :bigsmile:…if that were my pusskit, I’d say he definitely wants feeding :wink:

Is this thread to make people cry or what??? :wink: :wink: :wink:

LOL :bigsmile:

Defenitely a YES. :frowning:

3, in fact. But the only one that truly hurt was my son’s mother. That’s ok though, I am happy being single and taking care of my boy.

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You all deserved it! You selfish bastards!

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Dude, are you drunk?

TheIronTroll, I suggest you read our rules. We don’t allow that sort of behaviour on this forum.

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Some posts deleted.

No, but I let her down and I’m so not proud of it :frowning:

Something i had been wondering about when my relationship with my previous girlfriend ended…

Everyone goes on about how an expartner physically cheated on them… how about emotionally? (if that makes any sense ;P)

For example right before my exgf and i split up things werent going too well we both knew that kinda, she had been on ‘sickdays’ for quiet some time and all she did during that time was sit at home on her laptop, so whenever i got home after a full day off work id offcourse be ‘a bit dissappointed’ that everything was still left to do. (Just to sketch some background info). So one day a friend she knows from the internet decides to visit us for a week (ye whatever if it makes you happy why not). The day that dude moves back to his homecountry, she isnt quite sure if she still loves me anymore. And needs time to think (offcourse i knew it back then but ‘refused’ to believe). Offcourse a bit later they both had a relationship etc etc.

However i do believe that she didnt ‘physically cheat’ on me, i still feel cheated on cause i know she had feelings for him wich she refused to admit to me.

If that makes any sense :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just thought about that a bit in the past cause everyone always goes on about cheating etc etc.

C0deKing: “We don’t allow that sort of behaviour on this forum.”

You should. You allow people to post positive things that are harmful but don’t allow people to post negative things that are helpful.

What I meant was:
Most relationships are illusions. The people involved protect the illusion for their own benefit by being dishonest. Eventually, the reality of the relationship can’t be ignored and the people stop protecting it. Being “let down” is one result.

Not if it’s worded like it was in your deleted post.

Had you explained like you have in your previous post. no one would have objected.