Has a partner you trusted ever let you down?

Has a partner you trusted ever let you down?

This thread was inspired by a post that S_S made in another thread about how she had been let down by someone dear to her.

This brought back some bad memories for me, and I thought it would make an interesting thread.

I will keep my story for later. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me down. Hmmm.

Not sure how you’d see this, but a guy I was seeing awhile back slept with two other people while we were together, I found out later.

Wouldn’t have been so bad, but one was another bloke (who I knew), and the other was a “friend” of mine.

We’d split up by the time I found out, but it was still a bit shocking.

I hope you set out to cut off part of his anatomy. :iagree:

Hehe, no, I left that intact (why, I don’t know!)…but needless to say, the “friend” and the boyfriend were history. :iagree:

With the surgical procedure so-called “Bobbit method”? :bigsmile:

The bobbit method is to clean and painless :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t have been so bad, but one was another bloke (who I knew),
english lesson time … bloke can also refer to females? Cause if not, then that must have been a complete shocker :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, bloke = man. :eek:

Bearded lady :bigsmile:

I know everyone has heard my story…but i believe the more confidence we place in others …the easier it is for them to disapoint us…
my mistake was just that…mine;however, time does make us stronger and the hurt less painful. its just the memories that prevents us from falling so easily … :sad:

Yeah, the more we trust someone, the more vulnerable we are. I think everybody has been let down sometime in their lives, if not, they are extremely lucky. Or they live in a hole in the ground and don’t ever talk to people.

Yeah, I agree. As you say, everyone’s been hurt…unless you live in a hole in the ground. I sure have been, but that’s the nature of the beast. I know it’s corny, but it’s so true,
“Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.”

My wife and I have been together for 23 years now. When I get to bitchin’, I just need to remind myself how much of an a$$hole I’m being and how lucky I really am… :iagree:

not corny :disagree:

Which is why I learned a good lesson in life - don’t trust ANYBODY and stay single…And with all the CRAP I see around me I am glad I am single. As far as the cheating goes, your bf was a wanker for doing what he did, I mean cheating is one thing but sleeping with 2 other partners - that’s something :slight_smile: However from what I see around me, just as many females cheat - which means not only men are wankers at times… Which leads me to believe that sex should NEVER be associated with love… it’s nothing more than a relieving mechanism and one used for having babies from time to time…

All too common to see stories of peeps getting burnt around me, good mates for 10 bloody years and then all of a sudden they are betrayed, so I say [BEEEEEEP-BEEEEEEEEEEP] who needs all this crap :smiley:

I don’t know why I am disappointed every time yet trust everyone. Buggy memories? :iagree:

this is a real long time ago, but i was alway’s tormented by other kids becouse i was diffrent, and i had only 1 friend.

and one day i got beat up badly and my friend only was standing there and watching how i was getting beat up, it let me down at first but he was frozen sollid so i dont blame him annymore.

People are people. Lying, cheating, stealing are part of human nature. Get used to it.
If you don’t experience the worst, you’ll never realise when you have the best.

I’ve never had a GF cheat on me (that I know about). But then I don’t change my girlfriends as often as I change my underwear, like most young-uns do today. :stuck_out_tongue:

My previous girlfriend was for 3yrs & 8 months. Then an 18 month break, and now I’ve been going out with my SigOt for over 2yrs.

I hear ya loud and clear on that one! Happens time and time again, yet I’m still a very trusting person.

i trust everybody only once, break my trust you gotta work hard for my trust or friendship. but luckely i have good friends, i would go threw hell for them :slight_smile:

Oh stop: Somebody jumps on your doo doo just walk away. Easy to do.

But the Bloke thing was very cool :eek: Yumm me

ps: we got lots of those here :rolleyes: