Harry Potter

Does anybody know how to copy the CD ? I’ve cloneCD,Nero,Blindread/write I don’t know if it works on these.

Hey - I make a copy of Harry Potter with CloneCD I used Clony XL for settings with Plextor 24-10-40 1.2 firmware

Disk is protected by Safe Disk 2 :

Setting for Clone CD

  • fast error skip
  • read = 3
  • error corection = none

I hope now You can make a copy . :smiley: :slight_smile:

CloneCD might work but you have to know if your burner is compatible with SD2. Take a look here.
If not you have the chance that the new “AWS”-Function in CloneCD works. Take a look here.

Then you just have to enable Fast error skip ( Hardware or Software error correction - depends on your CD/DVD/Burning device, try whats faster, retry 0)