Harry Potter - SD2 OK, But ATIP = Problem

I’ve been trying to copy Harry Potter for a friend’ son. It has SD2 protection (0000001.tmp etc…) I can copy the CD fine with my Plex 241040A, however, it is ATIP protected and doesn’t work in CD Recorders.

Without using something ‘heavyweight’ like DAEMON Tools or Insektors, is there a simple program which hides CD media, or can someone tell me where to find VB source code to do this.

Thanx in Advance

CloneCD… Install it and reboot. Afterwards a small tray icon will appear. Right mouseclick on it and select ‘Hide CD-R Media’. Simple as that. Please note that these options don’t work in the USA and Great Britain, and not available on Windows NT4.

The latest version of clone cd will solve your problem trying to play your game from your burner. In the wright corner on your computer you will find an icon that belongs to clone cd. wright click and there will be a pop up menu. Then chosse hide media. And you are ready to play.

Wow you said exactly the same thing as me… Nice post :confused:

The easiest solution is to play from a CD-ROM or DVD unit, because they can’t read the ATIP information.