Harry Potter G.O.F

I could’nt resist starting this thread… I’m looking forward to seeing if Slysoft will be ahead of this release or not. I hope they can get their hands on a copy of the DVD a little before the official release just to make sure it’ll work because I can see this having the same lvl of angst and frustration as Madagascar.

Here’s hoping (salutes with shot glass and fires it back) all goes well.

Thanks be to slysoft for all their work. DON’T SELL OUT TO THE MAN!!!

P.S. If anyone gets their paws on a copy of the movie before the release, be generous and share any comments on backing it up.

is it supposed to have some special kind of protection?

I have, in the past, posted my feelings on starting “No Problem” threads.:sad:I guess we could label this a “No Movie Released Yet” thread!

>> :eek: << Icon looks like Harry, yah?!

It does look a bit like Harry. :eek: Oh well… soon enough it’ll be out. I guess I’ll buy Lord of War this week and see if the extras are worth the price of the DVD.