Harry potter fans gather here

this is a place to discuses youre favorite house carecter ect. the more people the better

for me my favorite house would be griffindor :lion: and my favorite wizard pastime is wizard chess :chess_pawn:

yo jadewolf


hi :grinning:

how r u doing

good :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

good to hear

I also prefer Gryffindor.
I would like to visit the kitchen in my free time and eat some good foods from the house elfes.
And wizard chess would also be very interesting to play.
My favourite character is hermione. :heart:

same with me

i think the kitchen would be very interesting to be in but i would realy like to be in the room of requirement or the restricted section of the library :open_book:

same with all of us

replie when get message

sup what u doing


ok then

harry potter

harry potter

for harry potter lovers witch book is you’re favorite #Iwishtheymademorebooks