Harry potter backup

Hi all,
made a copy of Harry Potter (PSX) with Clonyxxl and cloneCD but doesn’t work. I did not patch the image file since I naver do it when copying it with clonCD.
When inserting the copy, after using PSXchange V2, the screen goes black and nothing happens.

Any help?


ahhh… i’ve got a LG 8320B

Borrowed from FutureProof from another thread :


Read PSX as slow as you can; there is difference in the step height between PSX discs and CD-R/Ws and the console laser is lousy.


No wonder that my copy doesn’t work. Not even the original will work if I boot with PSXchange V2!!!

Is PSXchange V2 a complete shite?


you should get a modchip.

you can get them cheap for the psx these days…use google to find more info on them.

Great stuff m8s
I managed to get my original and backup of Harry Potter (UK version) to work!!!
I used PS-X-Change V2 and after this one I used the “Import Player For PAL PS1” boot disk and…voila!!!
Great stuff
Thanks for all replies.
I’m Happy!!!