Harry Potter and Windows XP Sound Probs

I have tried the original copy of Harry Potter as well as a backup under Windows XP, I get sound distortion problems with the audio and speech, its kinda garbled. All my other games work fine. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? EA shouldn’t release games which are certified to run under XP and it don’t. They have pissed me off big time :mad: so from me to you EA, go fuck yer selves, I am getting my money back from my local store. In future test yer software on all OS platforms before releasing bugged software.

What is the point of this post on this forum?
If you must rant and rave about it do it at EA.

I have no problem with the game on windows XP pro NDL.
I have a soundblaster Live

We are all entitled too our own opinion OK.

MY Windows XP or Harry Potter must be corrupt then :frowning: very strange since all my other games work 100%, so whats the problem? I have a player 1024 sound card