Harry Potter 2 & 1.13

Just finished burning HP2 with 1.13 and everything works great, as in 1.11. I tested the menus and all the extras, ie; Trailers, Cast & Crew on disk 1…all ok! The only difference I noticed from 1.11 was that two of the VOBs produced by 1.13 were slightly larger in size… the main menu VOB as well as VOB 5.

I’m also going to try a couple of others that had probs with 1.12 and the “runaway” menus. LOL

Thanks Erwin and Rene for the quick response and update. :bigsmile:

Mike :wink:

Just to share with you, I did HP 2 in DVD2One 1.1.2 and it works great :slight_smile: