Harold and Kumar go to white castle

New movie from New Line, Harold and Kumar go to white castle
Plot summary stolen from IMDb

Two twenty-something stoner roommates – one a Korean American investment banker; the other an Indian American medical school candidate – go through a life changing journey, as they spend a night roaming the state of New Jersey in search of White Castle hamburgers.



Merged and edited. It’s good if you add a little text what this is about rather than just posting links :wink:

The movie looks… like a real flop.

That should make it fun though :slight_smile:

This will be a hit…
I bet STONER will like it hehehehehe…


I heard it’s about these two dudes looking for KKK or Neo-Nazi members in a big castle.

No wait, why does this “movie” look like a Cheech and Chong rip off?

This movie is funny as hell. I’m looking forward to part 2.

This is the only thread huvudvarken posted. (I clicked this thread just because a “ken” was in that account.)

He propely got a headache ever since :bigsmile:

huvudvarken= headache in Swedish

Ken’s me in CDFreaks, knowledge in English, sword in Japanese, can (like a Coke can) in Korean. :slight_smile:

Anybody seen this movie?

I though White Castle was defunct…

nope, they’re still serving up rats in a bun :Z

I saw it a couple of days ago, as a matter of fact. It was stupidly funny (ie, it’s so stupid that it’s actually funny)!