Harold and Kumar 2 - audio is off on mobile rips

I am have tried ripping DTS 5.1 and the 2 channel audio using the Zune, generic AVI, and WMV profiles. Tried with one and two pass encoding. All result in the audio being off so it looks like a bad chinese lip sync. Anyone else successfully ripped this movie?


All result in the audio being off so it looks like a bad chinese lip sync

What your mean is have a/v sync problem or others ?

hi, it is an a/v sync problem. im using the latest release 5.0.85. every format i try to rip this movie in results in a/v sync issues.

after more testing, the a/v sync issue is limited to the mp4, aac, h264 output mode. wmv seems to work ok.

new release v5.0.90 resolved the issue, thanks!

I have same issue!!!

I started another thread on this a while ago, but nobody noticed. I see now I am not alone everything I try to convert to mobile now seems to have a serious lip sync issue. I am converting them to mpv for the touch.

The DVD “Training Day”, about 1 minute and 3 seconds into the movie an alarm clock is set to goes off at 5:00AM. In the DVD to Mobile converted file you hear the alarm clock before the clock reads 5:00 AM. On the DVD the alarm goes off at the same time the clock switches to 5:00AM.

The audio is ahead of the video in these DVD to iTouch conversions.
Is this something that is being looked at?