Harmonica player arrested for performing copyrighted songs

A 73-year-old bar manager who illegally performed copyrighted tunes by the Beatles and other artists on the harmonica was arrested Thursday on suspicion of violating the Copyright Law…

Copyrights gone crazy. :disagree:



WOW - that dude is dangerous - and should be shielded from the society he is rampaging-eh!!

Um… okay? So covers are forbidden in Japan now? Um…

Damn, maybe i should close all the windows when i’m playing guitar, just in case someone hears the din and arrests me.

I should be arrested when I play my guitar:)


As I drive along - singin’ with whatever is on the radio - I guess that I am breaking the law-eh!

What about if I’m listening to some bloke singing a copyrighted tune? does that make me an accessory to the crime?

This has gone too far in my opinion and I hope he slaps them in the face sort a speak. Heck I would! The judge will laugh at this one.

Unfortunately, courts (and hence judges) are bound by law, not common sense.