Hare Drive Help



Please help!! whenever i click on my hard drive, a search box opens instead of windows explorer. please help!!:bow:



sorry mess up


whenever i click on my ex hd a search box opens instead of windows explorer. here are two pics:bow:


right click, properties

can you access the files from the drive? im sure you have files linked to your c: drive without clicking on that particular icon.


yeah but the same thing happens when i click on folders. its really ticking me off having to right click and click open instead of search. when i do right click the default action is search, could i maybe change that?


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When you click on the other drives, does it do the same thing? Have you checked Control Panel, Mouse, and go through and see what you have selected for your mouse to do, when you click or double click?


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Hare Drive hmmmm

Have you looked in “Folder Options” to see? I don’t have XP handy here to look at.



google is you friend