Hardwear input

:clap: Hello,
I’m definetly a newbee and just burned my first encrypted DVD archival backup with 1Click & AnyDVD. My question is what is considered to be a good ( semi-idiot proof) dual/double layer + & -R DL external dvd recorder/burner that could run on a 1.8Mhz Pent 4, XP home edition. Just don’t have space on the older motherboard for another drive but do have 3 USB 2.0 open. And yes, my daughter found some ballet DVD’s that are 2 layered & I just bet my single layer Tsst SH-W162Z recorder/player & TDK -R, 1-16x ,4.7gb disks won’t handle them. I’m still having probs- I could handle Commodore 64 stuff. Any ideas or suggestions would really be appreciated. So far all the TDK copies I have made with 1Click & AnyDVD have played flawlessly in both an Oritron dvd player & a LG-517 dvd & vhs recorder. Tried Nero 6. & Recode 2 & had probs. but 1Click & AnyDVD really get my vote