HardwareZone presents LG GSA-4167B review

HardwareZone presents LG GSA-4167B review

Thanks for the link but I think this review is NOT really a good review (not from an enthusiast’s pt of view)

Numerical values indicate the amount of PI (Parity Inner) and PIF (Parity Inner Fail) errors found in the written disc and these would directly indicate the write quality of the drive on the various discs tested. Ideally, the average values for PI and PIF for a readable disc should not exceed 280 and 4 respectively.

well well - it’s is firstly not AVERAGES which should be below, but the PEAK and also - the PIF is Parity Inner FAILURE (not Fail)

Also the not-so-clear shot of the PCB seems to reveal a driver IC not from Panasonic ?:not sure though

Where does it say Panasonic? The main chipset is designed and manufactured by Renesas, a joint venture lead by Hitachi. Hitachi has 51% share of HLDS whose optical disk drives are mostly manufactured and marketed by HLDS Korea and LG Electronics.

It looks as though this is more a replacement for the 4163 than a significant upgrade. Hopefully, the fast rip speeds will stay, but there really does not seem to be much else worthy of a new model other than cost cutting measures.

I just can’t see current LG owners getting excited.

Thanks for pointing out the review. It was useful reading.

Whoops - I got it wrong, thort it was a panasonic driver chip cos it’s ram compatable but i was wrong, didn’t look closely enough at the chipset. (Picture sourced from cdrinfo.com 4163b REVIEW)