Hardwareproblem with Lite On LTR-12121B


I have a Lite On LTR-12101B burner. The cd-writer have been damaged by a power suply break down during a burning process.
Now the drive only shows the orange ‘burn proof’ led instead of the green initialization led. The writer isn’t detected by the BIOS.

I opened the cd-writer (the guarantee is expired) but i cannot see any internal damages. But now the drive isn’t wöring in any way anymore.

Can somebody help me?

Greetz Bellerophon

Hi Bellerophon, welcome to our forum.

I just moved your thread to the appropriate forum, merged your two postings into one (did you notice the edit button? ;)) and I think I’m about to answer your question…

I’m not 100% positive about this, but I think your drive is dead. I assume you checked your power cable, IDE cable etc etc?

Ups :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve checked everyting; ide-cable, power suply, other components and so on. but nothing worked.

I gave the defect power suply to my hardware dealer. They confirmed that the power suply is dead.

Some other components are damaged too. The power down killed my sound blaster live, elsa gladiac 511 and my asus a7v333. All have a damage in the power suply managment.