Hardware vs. Software capture cards

I am looking for a new capture device. I have been capturing with a Old ATI VIVO card but finally upgraded to a ATI 9800. I have heard that hardware capture is better than software but I never had problems with the VIVO card. I would like to get one with tv also but not very expensive. Any thoughts on Hardware vs. Software cards and any suggestions on specific cards?

I’ve got a Leadtek Winfast PVR2000 This is TV & hardware capture & works quite well. I did have some problems setting it up but leadtek support were quite helpful & once I had the latest software/drivers all was well.
The advantage of hardware capture is supposedly that it will not drop frames. I guess it really depends on the overall speed of the system as to whether this is a problem with software capture.

I was looking at a Hauppauge WinTV-Go-Plus Model#1033 but only found info on the WinTV-Go. Not sure if that has mpeg2 hardware capture. I was thinking of getting a ATI TVWonder Pro (I like the new ATI display options) but it is software capture.

I prefer the external (firewire/usb) capture devices, as you can move them from pc to pc with ease, and it’s nice to have the connections right in front of you, rather than crawling around on the floor.

I am more concerned with the quality of the capture but I know what you mean.That is one of the things I like about my Terratec sound card driver with all the connections on the front of the pc. I am thinking that a capture device that has hardware capture of mpeg2 , with tv in and has a breakout box or connector would be ideal. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The ADS Pyro AV/Link is very high quality, as is the Canopus ADV, and DRPINO likes his Plextor. If you want to read some professional reviews on everything from low end to high end, check out www.videoguys.com .