Hardware Upgrade



Hi all.

After 2 years with the same hw I decided to upgrade. This is what I have:
Celeron 400 MHz with a Chaintech MB
Viper V550 AGP

What are your opinions? I’m inclined towards a Athlon TBird 1,1 GHz (what MB?Chipset?) and maybe a MX GEForce2. What do you think. I basically do a bit programming and play games.
If you can, give me a hand. :confused:



Well, by the reduced costs of the amd chipsets i would advise you to buy for example the 1,4 Ghz Processor in place of the 1,1 Ghz, you wanted to buy. It will cost you know a bit more, but your pc will last a bit longer then. No need for upgrade every year in terms of speaking. Due the fact you like to game, i’d advise you to take a more advanced version of the geforce 2. You can afford you an Geforce 2 Ultra with 64 MB ddr ram for the double price of the geforce 2 mx. With this ultra you will get better results as well.

For the motherboard i’d say go for one of MSI ( http://www.msi.com.tw ) becuz they r the most stable.


Well, concerning the cpu I think you’re right. About the mb I have to check if msi has mb’s with the new Sis 735 chipset (I was told this one beats amd’s, via’s etc by far - do you agree?).
About the graphics card here’s the situation: I live in Portugal and here the prices aren’t exactly like in the US, for example. Here a MX card from Hercules costs around $100. A GeForce 2 Ultra costs almost 5 times more. What about the GeForce2 Pro? I found one from Asus (V7700) 3 times more expensive than the MX. Do you think it’s worth it?


in my eyes I would hang on for a bit as there is quite a lot of interesting stuff going in in the chip / chipset market.

I would say it is definately worth waiting a couple of months for the new p4 DDR boards as this will SEVERELY reduce the cost of a P4 system and up until now we (end user / build our own people) have been put off by the massive cost of RDRAM.

also by that time, the geforce boards will cost a little less and possibly the kyro chipsets might be a bit more developed.( cheap +fast)

what do other people think about this? or am I talking more crap than usual?


wair for p4’s with DDR.


or wait for nvidia’s all-in-one board