Hardware/software problems?

After installed a new mainboard and cpu, my cd-burner couldn’t be found of Win ME. i had to install Win 98 to be able to use my cd-burner ( Sony CRX120E CD-RW).
But my problems wasn’t over for that. I cant use Easy CD Direct CD. If i install Direct CD the cd-burner doesn’t work properly. WHY ??? I have only one software for cd-burning Easy CD Creator ver 4.01 Deluxe Swedish version.

It is kind of strange when you writer cannot be found under Windows ME while it can under Windows 98.
Can’t you even access the burner in Windows Explorer in Windows ME, or is it simply not recognized by burner software?

You should realize that upgrading from Windows98 to Windows ME can result in some problems with certain software. Some software does require you to deinstall before upgrading and reinstall after upgrading.

Other software can only work with Windows ME after upgrading.

The best thing you can do when you want to install Windows ME is a clean install (which you can do with an upgrade CD as well, it will then ask you for the cd of a previous version you have to put in the CD-ROM player so the Windows ME setup can verify that you own a previous lilcense).

Adaptec Direct CD is known to cause problems with other software, don’t exactly know why, but it is a pain the in the preverbial butt :wink:

Look at the website of Roxio for software updates.

And a general recommendation, use Nero instead :wink:

My brother had the same problem and he found out that he had a bad cd-rom drive , he took it out and it now works fine perhaps you should try that