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Hi All,

I’m quite new to this DVD backup-ing and I need to buy a writer and
some software to go with it. (PC based)

I need to find a dual layer writer and a multi-region one to (as I like to watch foreign films).

Would anyone be able to advise me on what hardware would be best
or at very least offer the most functionally and which software would team
well with that writer to enable me to backup some of the very hard to find
DVD’s I have.

I’m happy to use 3rd party firmware for the drive, if that what it takes.

many thanks :slight_smile:



Hi all,

I have done some reading and BenQ drives seem to be quite popular
does any one have anything bad to say about the DW1640 or should
I just get the DW1620?

would clone DVD be a good back-up software to use with this drive?

sorry for the dumb newbie questions :o


Get the 1640. To backup DVDs I would use DVD Shrink in combination with DVD Decrypter to burn the discs. For good burning software, I would recommend Nero. You can pick up an oem copy on ebay for $10 or less. Good Luck.


I would recommend the Liteon 1693. A lot of users have reported problems (again) with BenQ and while Liteon has not been the best drive in the past, the 1693 is a very good burner and has massive support with alternative firmware. Region free is no problem either.

While DVDShrink works, Clone DVD is worth the money and will have continuing support.

Make sure you get the genuine version if you do.



thanks Zazonz,

I have had a look on Benq’s web page but it doesnt say anything about
the drive being region free? What or how would I go about making this

found the latest firmware : :doh: but thats not it.


many thanks


Hi Chas0039

thanks for the reply, is the 1693 region free as standard or is this achieved via
a firmware up date? Just had a look and the cost of 1693 its great!

is it as good at getting round copy protection as the 1673?

many thanks


The Liteons need a fix just like everyone. Get it here:


As I recall from the reviews, the 1693 is a two sheep burner (there are no three sheep DVD burners) so it should be just as good as the 1673.

Make sure you get KS0A firmware.


If you go with BenQ here is a source for region free firmware:


or here:


If you are in the US, Newegg.com is a great source for either drive. OEM is fine.


Hi chas0039

wow thanks for the info and the help :clap: , I have found the drive for sale here http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/index.html?action=c2hvd19wcm9kdWN0X292ZXJ2aWV3&product_uid=89172

it has a bit of a funny part number SOHW-1693S-01C but I’m assuming
its what we are talking about.

thanks again again :bow: :smiley:


Anytime stufish, welcome to the forum. That looks like the right drive, and even with VAT, a pretty good price. Make sure you stick to Genuine TY and Verbatim and avoid Ritek media. Watch out for fake Verbatim. They are very popular in EU.


got my drive today, I have done the firmware and reigon free and I’m backing-up my first disk now :cool: :bigsmile:

the time to do the back-up 20mins very :cool:




Glad it worked out well.


Yep, Stu…just so you know, some of us say "Chas! Chas! He’s our man! If can’t do it, no one can!!! :wink:


Oh great, now I’m blushing!

Thanks Quema34.


Hello All,
Chas just out of curiousity what burner do you prefer???
what do you currently use??
Thanks Dale