Hardware recommendation: Planex (PCi) MZK-W04NU (Router/AP)


Just thought I would share this as people ask from time to time, if you’re looking for a new router you really should check it out. It’s a relatively new router from Planex (Japanese company) that’s really worth the money. It supports 11n (Draft 2.0), has a USB-port and routes about ~90 mbit/s on WAN. It is also supported by OpenWRT which is a third party firmware with great capabilities. Since it has USB it can work as a printer server (not all USB-printers are support though) and also works as a NAS (I would guess around 3-4mbyte/s which is perfectly fine for streaming or backups). If you know your way around Linux you can also use it for sharing your mobile broadband connection. Stock firmware is a bit dodgy although it works too (somewhat) but I flashed mine quickly. Unfortunately it’s hard to find in EU as far as I can tell, US/SG/JP seems to be where its found. If you’re interested with more details have a look at OpenWRTs forum.


Now go out and buy it :smiley:


Badass, and a good price. so did you start your own ISP :wink: