Hardware Problem

I’ve got a DVD drive/PC issue going on. I’m hoping someone here will be able to assist me in resolving the issue. I’ve got plain PC but powerful enough to handle DVD burning as I’ve being burning for a little over a year now with NO problems. I’ve got a Sony DRU810A burner with 1.0e firmware (I think its the latest fireware). Yesterday I came home to find my computer beeping weird. I turned on the monitor and everything was normal but the beeping continued. I went to do a hard reset (pushing the reset button on my case) and my PC shut down. When I went to turn it back on it started only do die a few seconds later. I tried it 2-3 more times with the same result. I give it about an hour before I attempted it again and it started with no problems. Once I got into Windows XP I wanted to back-up some movies so I started by inserting the original into my DVD drive and started DVD Shrink. Everything ran like it has been until the DVD ejected and when I placed the blank DVD in and closed the drive my PC rebooted itself. I attempted to back-up many different times with different movies and same result. Keep in mind everything was fine until this happened. I didn’t add anything or change anything in my PC. Could this maybe be a bad power supply or is my DVD drive FUBAR. Please help. Thanks

After reading some other posts I might have found the issue. It might be from updating my anydvd to the new…I guess other people have had the same reboot problems.

Thanks…but if you have a solution I’d love to hear about it.

It’s also possible that it’s overheating. Ensure that the CPU cooler fan is working properly & it , and any air inlets, are not clogged with dust.

I am in agreement with TimC the beeping your computer does when you turn it on and while its one would seem to indicate your heat sink on you CPU isnt working anymore or need to be reseated and clean the heat sink. Cause I had the same problem eventually dust will build up from the fan cooling the CPU heat sink so give it a through dust cleaning in your case and reapply heat sink compound and reinstall the CPU and see if the alarm sound goes off.

. I concur that it’s probably a overheating problem.
. Oftimes, the beeps are giving you an error code. Eg, beep, beep, beep…beep, might be error code 31. The codes are usually available from the comp/mobo/BIOS manufacturer.