Hardware problem with Samsung 616T

Hi, I have a hardware problem with my Samsung 616t for sure. First I’d like to tell that this drive was modified to fit in a Xbox but that does not matter for the problem I have.

The drive has trouble opening closing the tray. When I want to open the tray when there’s no disk in it I have to give a little tap on the top of the drive to open it(and sometime it does not open completely). But when I want to open the tray and there’s already a disk in it I don’t have to do nothing, everything’s ok. When I want to close the tray I must press the eject button and give a small tap under the tray and then it will close. I have to do that all the time, when there’s a DVD and when there’s not.

So one days I disassembled the drive to look for the problem. I powered on the unit without the metal cover on it (leaving the laser exposed). Surprise, the drive was working like a charm!!! No more taping. But as soon as I was puting back the top metal covering (without even using screws). The drive was having trouble again.

So it must be a magnetic problem or something like that… Did any of you there ever experienced a problem like this. If yes what do I need to do?

Thanks in advance!

I have a similar, if more severe, problem in one of my drives. Tapping won’t do for that one. You need to press the button and then enthusiastically apply your fist to the door until it finally opens the tray. If a CD is in the tray it requires a little less violence, but it still won’t come out on its own.

I don’t know why this happens. The way I solved it was to drill two small holes in the tray, thread a wire through them and use it as a hook when I wanted to eject the tray. I suggest you do the same; it’s not a terrible problem, and leaving the drive without its metal cover won’t do it any harm.