Hardware or software solutions - VHS to DVD

I have a number of VHS commercial movies I would like to make archival copies of on DVDs since VHS is going away. Can any of you recommend hardware or software I can use to bypass the CP to make one copy of each video?

Well they do make VHS-DVD recorder units as one that can copy to cd-r or cd-rw media. Another way is card that plugs into a slot or USB port that you can capture from vhs to computer and with a media software edit or clear up the image to improve image quality and then transfer to a dvd media. I don’t have exact model or software but there is also if memory serves me there was a posting mention the same question your asking as well. You can do a search and look up that post-if you can’t find it just pm a MOD and they should be able to tell you the correct post.

modern VHS-DVD recorders will not allow you to directly copy a protected video, you will have to go through a video enhancer, it still is the simplest solution.

Ok, what kind of video enhancer?

Thanks for your help

Sima GoDVD, Dimax…