Hardware or Software Failure to Burn



I think I picked the right “Product”. The drive is the LG External Super Multi DVD ReWriter, Model GSA-2164D; ROM Ver 1.01; Feb 06 - and it’s black.
I’m trying to burn data DVD+R DLs, and the LG is supposed to be able to burn DVD+R DL. I was unsuccessful using Nero 6 [googling Nero 6 is supposed to be able to do DVD-RDL, couldn’t find out if it did DVD+RDL so I just tried one. Nero 6 did reliable multisession DVD+R burns (Verbatim mostly) on the internal DVD drive on my desktop for years] .

Today I downloaded & installed a trial version of Nero 9. I tried to do a data multisession burn using Nero Burning Rom, which Nero said 9 could do on a DVD+RDL but I got another failure. I should have tried a single session data DVD first, but unless Nero 9 will do multisession DVD+RDLs, I’m just gonna stick w/ Nero 6.
I’m using Memorex discs 'cause that’s the only DL brand I could find locally.

So how do I determine if it’s a hardware or software problem?

The error log has a lot of stuff I don’t understand, but it did say Burning Mode: DAO instead of TAO. I used the New Compilation window and had Start Multisession, DVDROM(ISO), ISO9660+ Joliet, & Determine Maximum Speed selected; Finalize disc was not checked. Shouldn’t the Start Multisession have resulted in Burning Mode = TAO?

I also noticed that the book type was successfully changed to dvdrom which I didn’t ask it to do or want it to do. Nero shouldn’t have done that for a DVDROM(ISO) - correct?.

The place in the log where the error is recorded seems to list both a hardware and software [nero] error.

5:38:55 PM #32 SPTI -1119 File SCSIPassThrough.cpp, Line 215
CdRom1: SCSIStatus(x02) WinError(0) NeroError(-1119)
CDB Data: 0x2A 00 00 02 6B 00 00 00 20 00 00 00
Sense Key: 0x04 (KEY_HARDWARE_ERROR)

I got google hits for nero error -1119 but none that told me anything.

Any suggestions?


Your main problem is your choice of media. This drive will not have good support for the mid codes used in Memorex DL dvds. You really should stick to Verbatim brand DL disks, which can be found locally at Best Buy or Office Max if you are in the US.

Most of us do not recommend trying to do multisession burns on dvds, much less DL dvds.

Most burners will change booktype on +R DL disks automatically to DVDRom, so not surprising that this one did so.


Thanks Kerry56

I’ve got some verbatim DL’s ordered - Best Buy & Office Max aren’t in my driving range [which is limited].

I know the book type ROM setting is to make home DVD players think a DVD+R is a DVD ROM, but could it possibly confuse an optical burner?

I tried to burn a no multisession verbatim CD in the LG today w/ nero 9 and it failed. I then tried to run Nero Info Tool w/ the CD in the drive, but got the message the drive didn’t recognize the media. I then tried another blank verbatim CD-R, a blank verbatim DVD+R, a verbatim DVD+R w/ data files, a blank Imation DVD+R, a blank Maxell DVD+RW & a blank Memorex DVD+DL.

Info Tools only recognized the memorex DL. According to the drive tab CD-R read & write should be OK w/ the LG, as well as DVD+R and DVD+RDL read & write, which is what the LG manual said. The disc tab correctly IDed the disc type & manufacturer [Ritek makes memorex, correct?].

I could open doc files from the previously burned data DVD+R altho nero info tools said no media was inserted in the drive tab. The CD-R & DVD+R discs that weren’t recognized by whatever version of Info comes w/ nero 9 in the LG were recognized by whatever version comes w/ nero 6 in the DVD drives on my desktop.

I’ve been reading multisessions DVDs burned on various drives in the LG without any problem recently and apparently still can. I can’t remember if I had any problems burning DVD+R’s on the LG before I installed nero 9. I was trying to figure out how to get the LG to burn to RAM discs and to get WinXP to do the drag & drop/packet-writing type CD burn and I remember clearly I got nowhere.

So I don’t know if the drive has suddenly developed problems, the lasers need cleaning, nero 9 has problems, winxp [tab ed sp3] has problems or all of the above.

I think I should uninstall Nero 9 and reinstall the Nero OEM that came w/ the LG and see if I can still burn CDs & DVDs.


If you want to make sure of the mid codes used on your media, get DVDIdentifier, or use a free burning program that I use and recommend on a regular basis. It is called ImgBurn. www.imgburn.com

You should give it a try. There are lots of guides to using it here: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showforum=4&

ImgBurn doesn’t do multisession burns as far as I am aware.

Changing booktype on a +R disk shouldn’t adversely affect a dvd drive when reading it.

Ritek doesn’t make Memorex. Memorex is one of the Imation group of companies and one of their main suppliers is Ritek. Ritek is a disk manufacturer, and they market their own disks under the Ridata brand as well as selling to major brand names like Imation, HP and Memorex.

If you have installed Nero INCD for packet writing, I advise removing it immediately. It is known to cause problems.

Hope that covers most of your questions.


I hadn’t come across mid codes yet in my reading. I looked up mid codes today but all I understood about them is that they contain the name of the disc manufacturer. I assume that is what Nero Info Tool reads off the disc to provide the name of the manufacturer.
I’m confused. If Ritek is a disc manufacturer that sells to Memorex, then couldn’t my Memorex labeled disc have been manufactured by Ritek, with “Ritek” in the mid codes and “Memorex” simply on the outside of the disc? I thought that was why Info Tool provided the name of the manufacturer - because it could be different than the label.

I’ve read about ImgBurn and may try it for other optical burning purposes, but from what I read it won’t help w/ my problem. Nero 6 provided two features that made daily backup to DVD doable. I could easily exclude certain file types in setting up the multisession .nri file and it reliably linked sessions. So to back up at the end of the day I put in my ComputerNotes / Personal Interests MS and opened the .nri file and Nero quickly added new/modified files which could be scattered all over an extended directory tree and quickly burned the new session. Then I put in my Finance/Legal MS and in five minutes I’d backed up the folders w/ my personal data files.
The discs were readable in my other computers w/out being finalized so if my main computer refused to boot into Windows the next morning I could access any needed file on another computer. It saved me lots of grief several times. The days when I do a lot of work and generate of lot of modified/new files are the days I don’t have the energy to do a formal backup.

DVD+R discs have several features that make them suitable for multisession data burns vs DVD-R discs and either Nero utilized them properly or the current burners/readers I had utilized them or both. With the proper software and burner, multisession DVD+R’s should be doable and reliable.
I haven’t been able to discover if DVD+R DL have these same features w/ “just” that gap or whatever it’s called that directs the burner to the 2nd layer,

I haven’t found a better method in my research and I’m wondering how others who generate a lot of new/modified files over a wide range of topics [folders] and don’t have corporate resources do daily backups. I use an automatic program to backup to ext HD, but ext HD’s can crash just like int HDs - and they can do it just after you reformat your internal HD as my just-at-a-year Maxtor did. [and Maxtor was no help - a controller might have saved the drive but they don’t stock 'em :a]
I live on the south seacoast and we have frequent thunderstorms, so my ext HD is only plugged in when backing up or retrieving backups. Actually I unplug all my computers overnight and I still had one fried by a close lightning strike when I fell asleep working. So setting up automatic backups for overnight has a real chance of getting my computer [U]and[/U] my backup HD or DVD drive fried.
Because of the nature of HDs, MS Windows & my luck I also backup to DVD and I do sealed one session DVDs periodically, but there’s an overhead in time, $, & computer slowdown so it’s certainly not done daily.

Yeah, the InCD version that came /w Nero 6 Ultra Edition never worked, even w/ the updates/patches. I was hoping Nero 7, 8 or 9 would have a working InCD. WinXP’s “writable” CD/DVD and native support of RAM are inadequate. I need a program that will format DVDRAM into UDF and let me drag and drop onto a DVD w/out all the balloon notices MS likes. Is there another program that does packet writing and will format DVDRAM discs to UDF and write to them?

Sorry for the long post. Thanks for your suggestions.


Not sure about CDBurnerXP, http://cdburnerxp.se/. There is a file system option and I believe it supports multi-session, although it’s something I never use. It’s freeware, so check it out, read the faq, browse the forums, etc.


Thanks Whappo
I checked out CDBurnerXP. It does multisession and it does double-layer, but I couldn’t find any posts about multisession double layers. None of my searches for “omit file types” or “exclude file types” had hits, so I registered and posted to ask about the two functions I need in a burning program.

There’s a lot of info in their FAQs and links to more info - some I’d read before and some new. I was very impressed w/ the level of info the site provides regarding using the program.