Hardware or software correction

Ive got a lite on 481248.

Should i use software or hardware error correction?

It’s a Lite-On, I don’t think there’s a choice. Lite-Ons can not do software, if you select software, it’ll automatically switch to hardware. For my Plextor I have software selected with 3 retries, but if I do the same for hardware with my Lite-On, it’ll be a lot slower, so I suggest you switch to 0 retries.

Plextors accept the none-command (software is the same as “none” for the hardware), but ignore it, as to my knowledge.

So, hardware with 0 retrys.

Originally posted by dbzfan
So, hardware with 0 retrys.
Absolutely. It will not run in Software. There is some elaboration in the Down & Dirty sticky