Hardware manufacturer not updating their products with newer software/bios

I did buy new hardware recently and tryed to find new bios/software on manufacturer’s support. Couldn’t find anything. I checked their ftp map to see if they do come with bios update at all for any of their products, and it seems they doesn’t do it at all.
Is this a typical problem for end users ? Are there any list of manufacturer’s that has really bad support on the net somewhere?

Next time I buy hardware on net I will always check out if manufacurer come with bios update regulary or not.

Any other has experienced same problem as I do ?

I’ve tryed find workaround to make it possibly to implement new bios by third party software. No luck so far :frowning:

The manufacturer I have problem with is www.siig.com

I would recomend just researching new equipment when you buy it in the future. There is not a database that I am aware of for all hardware (though there might be specialty sites like storage review for hard drives). I usally just google for reviews, go to places like newegg to see what the coustomer feedback is like, and maybe perhaps go to various computer forums and search for the model number to see what people say about it (you might have to search several forums to find anything depending on how common the equipment is). you can usally google the model number followed by forum and get a few hits.
I know what you mean about siig too. There standard ide controlers seem to be well liked but thier raid cards suck (at least the one I have). It actually performs well when it works but it seems to be incompatible with a lot of equipment (more so when running raid 0) and most often cannot operate as a boot raid 0. In the couple of years I have had it, siig has not released a single bios or driver upgrade to address any of the problems. I have contacted siig a couple of times and all they can recomend is a bios and driver update, and of course they send me the same versions that came on the card a couple of years ago. I actually did get it to work once as a raid 0 boot drive by accident though. I had a raid 0 that was setup by a promise raid card. I forgot to deleted the raid array and reformat when changing to the siig card, and to my great suprize, the siig card took over the raid array with no problems (this normally isn’t suposed to work). That kind of makes me think it’s a bug in how the siig card creates arrays, and of course siig isn’t going to do anything to fix it.

I asked on support request thing what bios version that is on this eSATA controller card. The answer from siig was that it doesn’t have any bios at all. But manual says that hdd’s connected to this card can be used as system hdd/bootable, even in raid arrays… doesn’t this mean controller card must have bios to support this feature. Does any of siig people know what they are doing ?

what’s the model? they may be using a 3rd party chip, such as silicon image or ITE.

It uses silicon image chip SiI3132 and yes I have checked web on silicon image. plenty new bios’ there. But it seems flash bios has been blocked on siig’s controller card :a
$85 down into trashcan :Z
expresscard eSATA II sataraid 2 port. SC-SAE612-S1

It looks like I have to trash this card after all. And ask several hardware manufacturer if their expresscard can be updated with bios from silicon image before I buy new one.
It seems all expresscards use same chip from silicon image SiI3132

a lot of cards today use otp rom chips instead of eeproms.

It’s sick that they can’t add that into info about product that it can’t be updated with new bios’. There are many bugs in early date of bios’. But when I buy a new product today that has a bios that is 1 year old. Then something must be wrong with hardware manufacturer to ship products with out of date bios…


I would think your laptop would have to be set to let it boot?

what’s the problem with the card?

Hmm i can see that there exist an dos mode flash method on silicon image web page. Problem is to get into dos mode on a laptop that doesn’t have floppy drive.
Maybe one can create a cd-rom with dos boot ?

Maybe one can create a cd-rom with dos boot ?


Hmm a guy from siig says there are no bios on their expresscard…
a guy from addonics said this:
_Dear Valued Customer,
_“I wonder what bios version u has on adexc34r5 _RAID5/JBOD eSATA ExpressCard 34
_And what software version this product ships with.”
_We use the Sata RAID GUI for SiI3132 chipset from _Silicon Image website.
_“Another question is: Is it possibly to do bios flash with _files one can find on silicon image web adress ?”
_No, it isn’t because we are not recommend to upgrade _the Bios from Silicon Image otherwise your controller
_card will be voided the warranty.
_Thank you
_Tech Support Team

Isn’t it up to us consumers if we want to break warranty or not. I don’t care about the small bucks $80 are for these cards. Hmm I’d say all controller cards should be flashable to support new hdd’s that come in future or if there are bugs in controller that has to be fixed to make windows stable…

the person I talked to when I called them was pretty helpfull and nice, though the updates they emailed me were the same old ones that were on the card already. Perhaps it might be worth trying to give them a call (though it might not do any good). At least you might get some questions answered.