Hardware lock on 3d max

How do you get around the hardware lock on a copy of 3 d studio max

you have to run a crack, try http://astalavista.box.sk

If you can’t find it…let me know

Small tip!:

Peezie, next time you download a program like 3D Max, first try to find a good NFo-file
Not just with just the s/n and cd-key, but with a full release description.
If the program was an ISO…then go to Http://www.isonews.com and try to find a release of the program.
You can find a NFO file there (without s/n), but usually with a crack description.
This way you know what the name of the crack-file is.

-=Black Omega=-

This wasn’t an attack directed to you, but just some info!!

I thought it might be a software issue and have looked for a crack for 3d max 3.1 (dongle) but have not found any yet. Have used a few crack search engines and nothing. Any suggestions?

I have the 3.1 ISO made by The Free Loaders…and in their NFO file they say, that there is no need to install the dongle drivers (if you installed them…reinstall without them). This may correct your problem.

I can e-mail you the patch that came with the ISO, but I don’t no if it will work on a rip! (depends on what version you have).

If you want it, then post your e-mail!


Hi omega. I tried the re-install without drivers but I still get shut down and at this point I’m willing to try anything. jp7450@eathlink.net.

Do you have the ISO of 3.1?

If so then look in the crackdir where the Character studio crack is located (the icon with a COW!)

You should find the nfo there too…

Peezie, look in your mail box!
(you forgot to type the “r” in eaRthlink.net)


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