Hardware Lending Program

Hi everyone,

I got this idea from other forums where members lend various hardware components they are not using to other team members to put to use. A few rules:

  1. You must be an established member of the Cd Freaks (or myCE or whatever it is called now) community.

  2. You must only use the lent hardware for our distributed computing teams. (ie: no gaming on GPUs)

  3. You must return the lent hardware to it’s owner at any point at their request.

just wanted to get the ball rolling on this. Please post any additional rules you think fit. I will post what I have available for others and what I could use shortly.

Parts Available:

[/li][li]939 mobo/CPU/HSF w/pcie slot for gpu
[/li][li]2ghz Skt 478 P4 for someone with pcie mobo / or complete system for single core crunching or agp gpu folding
[/li][li]IDE hard drives: 4.3gb quantum, 80gb WD, 80gb maxtor
[/li][li]2x256mb ddr2 533
[/li][li]1x512mb ddr2 533
[/li][li]256mb ddr 400
[/li][li]Various NICs, IDE/SATA/power cables
[/li][li]Extra HSF for 754/939/AM2(+)/AM3

[li]xp pro 32bit
[/li][li]IDE hard drive 40gb
[/li][li]2x1gb ddr 266 (PC2100) (potentially could be split for 2 lend-a-rigs???)
[/li][li]300w psu 15A @ 12v
[/li][li]Intel e2180 w/hsf did 2.66ghz @ 1.3v
[/li][li]2 Intel P4 socket 478 CPUs: 2.8 Ghz (800FSB, prescott core) and 2.66 Ghz (533FSB, Northwood core)
[/li][li]1 Intel p4 socket 775 CPU: 2.8 Ghz prescott 64bit
[/li][li]Intel Pentium 4 550J 3.4Ghz Skt 775

Parts Needed:

[li]Video cards! Nvidia 8xxx or better preferred, ATi 2600 or better will work as well
[/li][li]PSUs, beefyness needed depends on beefyness of the GPUs
[/li][li]Home for a2j’s e2180 (skt 775 mobo)
[/li][li]Did I mention video cards yet? :stuck_out_tongue:
[/li][li]Post what you got! you might have something we haven’t thought of

Rigs Currently Crunching:

CD_Freaks_Collaboration (running)

[li]hosted by: adict2jane
[/li][li]8800gt (jwill427)
[/li][li]rest of system (adict2jane)

[li]Hosted by ( bean55 )
[/li][li]939 mobo/CPU/HSF w/pcie slot for gpu ( jwill427 )
[/li][li]Nividia GTX260 ( bean55 )
[/li][li]Case,550 PSU, and 4 Gig Ram ( bean55 )

I’ve seen this on other forums as well and always thought it was a good idea, but when the SMP and GPU clients first came out it pretty much killed it because the old p3/4 and athlon/xp etc that people were willing to donate put out so little in comparison to the high performance clients that people stopped running them. But I think hardware is getting to a point that this idea will work again, multi core cpus are the norm today and people are dumping duals to get quads etc, and even a low end gpu such as an 8600gt/gts will get 1000-1500 ppd easily

to keep things fair and easy to keep track of I think each donated machine should crunch under its own designated user name such as, CDF_01, CDF_02, etc…

I’d be willing to donate an old 939 mobo with a pcie slot, a 939 sempron 3200, and a 4.3gb hdd which is the perfect size for a dedicated winxp folder, I’ll have to look around I may have more goodies too.
if we could get that stuff together with a PSU, an nvidia 8xxx or better video card, some ddr400, some sort of cooling device (the sempron isn’t going to need much :p) and someone willing to host it, we could have CDF_01 doing gpu folding and some wcg as well :cool:

I could also keep the first post updated with who is hosting what, who donated each part, parts people are offering, parts people need, etc. to keep things organized

Thanks for your contribution Jwill!
I have the following items for that rig if someone can donate a GPU and PSU.
Legit copy of win xp pro 32bit (64bit linux might be a better choice?)
A larger HD - 40 GB IDE - I will test it for any errors.
2x1gb of DDR266(PC2100) - would the slower speed kill the performance?
I also have a decent low power (300W) PSU with 15A on the 12v rail. Not sure if this would be good enough to power the GPU.
I will send any of these items to someone willing to host the rig if we get all the parts necessary.

I know memory speed makes a huge difference with SMP, but I don’t think it really matters with GPU, not too sure about WCG though…

I have a stick of pc 333 and a stick of pc 266 that I got off ebay a while ago but I’ve never gotten them to work with the board I have, either both sticks are dead, or the board needs a stick of 400 to configure speeds first :sad:

I just remembered that my buddy upgraded the cooler on his am2 rig shortly after I built it for him, I’ll have to find out if he still has the stocker floating around :iagree:

that psu should be okay for any lower-mid range video card that doesn’t need 6 pin pcie power, especially since the sempron is pretty efficient and it won’t need an optical drive once an os is installed.

I starting to ask myself where I can store and run this rig Jwill :slight_smile:

For anyone who can put it to use, I have an Intel e2180 CPU with the stock HSF in the box. The chip did 2.66Ghz at 1.3v

For anyone who has a GPU that I could fold on, I will pay for the shipping to me and back to you whenever you want it back. I will also fold under your name if you want, I would rather produce scientific results than worry about points.

I’ve been looking around some more and if someone has a skt 478 board with pcie I have a 2ghz p4 that would gladly feed a gpu… or if someone has more free space and electricity than they know what to do with I have the complete p4 system with xp (although linux would probably be better for this dinosaur) for some single core folding/wcg.

tested the 4.3gb hdd, no errors, found a couple 80gb ide drives I’m in the process of testing. also have 2x256mb and 1x512 ddr2 533 I’d be willing to lend, I think 512mb is enough for a dedicated gpu folder with trimmed down xp, or all 1gb could go into an smp box, and I have a bunch of random cables and some NICs in case someone has a board without one. the amd cooler is confirmed too, so thats no longer needed :clap:

I’m going to be kinda a stickler and say when we get this hardware lending program up and running the systems will each fold under a generic user name such as the CDF_01 that I proposed earlier (or MyCE_01, whatever) I just want to avoid any possible arguments over who gets the points, I don’t think we’d have any problems since this is such an awesome community, but the possibility still exists since each rig will probably be made up with 3-4 members parts plus a host. this program should be all about the science and boosting the team, not about boosting individual stats. plus if each rig has its own user name it will be very easy to track its production and uptime.

first post updated, lemme know if I forgot something :wink:

Thanks for updating the first post Jwill! Looks great!

I scrounged around and have a couple of other items to add:
2 Intel P4 socket 478 CPUs if anyone is interested: 2.8 Ghz (800FSB, prescott core) and 2.66 Ghz (533FSB, Northwood core)
1 Intel p4 socket 775 CPU: 2.8 Ghz (521, 64bit compatible i think)

nice! its too bad smp won’t work on a cluster, I think we have enough p4’s plus my sempron to make deadlines now :bigsmile:

I totally dropped the ball, I was watching an 8800gs on ebay and missed the end of the auction… it ended up selling for $36 :doh: that would have been an easy 3-5k ppd :sad:

but on the up side I did pick up 256mb of ddr400 so next week I’ll be testing my mobo to see if it will work with the 266 and 333 I have

well, I’ve been doing some testing, and it turns out my odd-ball ddr sticks are actually 512mb… but they’re both bad, I could only get one to post and it had massive memtest errors even at 100mhz :sad:

but on the other hand, the sempron and the 256mb stick I bought get a clean bill of health :clap: I think A2J’s 300w psu should have no problems with a low to mid range folding card, my wimpy 250w handled this setup with an hd3450 like a champ, I even did a 20min burn with the cpu and gpu maxed at 100%… and that was after running about an hour with no psu fan :eek: turns out it needed a bump start, I didn’t notice till after xp was done installing :doh:

also tested all my hdd’s, the 4.3gb has no errors but has moderate spindle noise and loud seek noise and it’s on the slow side, the wd 80gb has no errors but has LOUD spindle noise (common for this era of wd) and runs kinda hot, the maxtor is quiet but has a couple bad sectors (still works fine, it’s the drive I installed xp on for testing today)

Sorry been away for a while, Cardiology exam!
Ok, so a few things:

Jwill, it seems it’s only you and me so far, our DC teams are actually quite small, maybe we need to recruit other CD Freaks into joining up so that this stuff can be put to use.

I did a quick test on the 40GB IDE drive, it seems to be working, however, it does have moderate spindle noise. Depending on the case it gets put into and other background noise, may or may not be noticeable.

I may sell my E2180 CPU and use the $ towards a GPU, I am possibly looking at getting a 250 GTS. They are running around $100usd now on ebay, what would you recommend for price performance.

the gts 250 is a solid performer, 5-7k ppd, but will definitely need a beefier power supply. I’ve been keeping my eye out for crazy deals on either an 8800gs or old 96sp 9600gso, I’ve seen a few sell in the $30-40 range but it seems like any one I bid on goes to $50-60+ :doh: those cards do 3-5k ppd and should run on the psu you have, but that might be pushing it. the gt 240 might be worth looking at, its basically a die shrink of the 8800gs so its the same performance and much more energy efficient (potentially better overclocking too) but it does come at a price premium and its fairly new so its tough to find used ones.

as far as what your 300w psu will run, its hard to be 100% sure, but it should be able to run some decent cards especially since it will be running in a barebones system, and if worse comes to worse we can save 20-30 or so watts by leaving the cpu idle (lets face it, my 1.8ghz sempron isn’t going to make or break the teams :p) I’d say one of the newer 55nm 9800gt’s would probably be alright and be 500-1000 ppd better than an 8800gs/9600gso, but again there’s really no way to be sure if it will run without trying. I have been keeping an eye out for beefier psu’s on the cheap, but no luck yet

I actually am no longer using the 300 watt FSP which is why it is up for grabs. I upgraded to a 500 watt CWT 80plus Gold unit from this guy on ebay: http://shop.ebay.com/scottpowerhouse/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p4340

All his PSUs are from a testing facility so they are relatively new and he sells some really nice stuff once in a while for dirt cheap.

There was a gt 240 on newegg a couple of weeks ago for $50 shipped, kicking myself for not getting it now.

If you see a great deal on ebay, let me know and I will hop on it, unless you want it that is…

what about this card? does the 320MB make a difference compared with the 640MB cards?


Thanks in advance!

[QUOTE=adict2jane;2500044]what about this card? does the 320MB make a difference compared with the 640MB cards?


Thanks in advance![/QUOTE]

320mb shouldn’t make much difference, but it might hurt a little on the bigger units, my 8800gt is usually between 200-300mb memory usage, but there are a few units that use 400+

both the 320 and 640mb 8800gts use the g80 core which IMO isn’t the best choice for folding, they run hot and are not at all energy efficient. they also tend to die around the 2 year mark. ppd performance would be nearly identical to an 8800gs.

keep your eyes out for a 512mb/1gb 8800gts or 9800gtx, both are the same card as the gts 250, they just use about 30w more at load vs the 250

Hmm… Ok, I will keep a look out but I may still get a 8800gts 320/640MB if it is real cheap


Still scrounging ebay for a cheap videocard but even the ones that are damaged in some way tend to sell for $40usd or more!

I got my hands on a couple of nice seagate 80GB IDE hard disks, I have to check them for errors but I did power them up and they had very little spindle noise.

Also, I have a copy of Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit!) that I would be willing to donate to a few crunchers if we got them up and running :slight_smile:

yeah its pretty ridiculous, I was watching a broken 8800gt that ended up selling for like $45+s&h. I think I’m going to wait for the next gen stuff, hopefully that will drop prices on the older cards

This just in:
Intel Pentium 4 550J 3.4Ghz Skt 775
Free to anyone with a spare 775 board who will crunch with it.

first post updated

I have an extra amd HSF from a PhII so it has the copper base with 4 heatpipes

I may have a video card to add to the list soon :cool: