Hardware Issues?

A couple of months ago the power switch at front of this 5 year old Asus PC stopped working, and it now only powers on via the switch at the back of the case. Just yesterday the mouse and keyboard stopped working and thus wouldn’t boot to safe mode or allow entering BIOS by pressing the “Del” key. However, boot to Bart PE, Ghost or other boot CD gets keyboard and mouse working again until they randomly stop working again; repeat boot to CD temporarily restores keyboard and mouse function. Is there an easy way to fix these hardware problems, or is it maybe time to get a new motherboard?

Power switch could be the switch itself and not a MOBO problem.

Keyboard / Mouse working with other software suggests a software issue or bios issue, could also be just the CMOS Battery needs to be replaced.

These symptoms could also fall under PSU problem,

With all these choices I would go with [U]Get A New Computer[/U]

Have a small quiet funeral and let it go :bigsmile:

Booting to CD temporarily restores keyboard and mouse function in Windows as well as boot to safe mode and entering BIOS until they fail again later. This seems to me to be more likely a hardware problem since they work normally albeit intermittently. I think you may be right though that a new PC might be the best solution.

5 years . . . the computer has had a good life. Time for an upgrade. :slight_smile: