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Hardware industry: I read a lot about the pc industry being threatend a lot by media tablets and the cloud. And I always have this vision as the solution for the problem: I searched the net a lot and all I found were the classic home servers. Why does the industry not see the opportunity and expand the home server line into a “home cloud” industry? Really, isn’t that the future of the PC? Isn’t it the soution that the PC industry needs so much at the moment?? “Build your own cloud!” Everyone would like it.

A Winodws 8 Server Home edition with two new products: one powerful home server and some low power but stylish terminals. As, according to the news on the net, the whole x86 software industry needs the solution that “saves the pc”, application software could simply be optimized - license and technical wise - for such a way of home/small busines use. Not only storage space but also the processing power of the new, powerful home servers is accessable for those low processing power terminals. The processing power moves from, for example, three household pcs into one home server that is as powerful and premium in price as the processing power relevant hardware of the three pcs combined. People will be able to be proud of two things: The brutal power of their own server, and the design art of the terminals they have decided for. CPU and GPU features could serve and their prices could result from the number of passvie terminals they connect to. A whole new market and philosophy that is useful for household and small business computing in my opinion.

I’m just thinking, what do you say? Microsoft, hp etc.: Why does this not happen?? It seems obvious to me that people would trust that more as the cloud and would run the stores for it like mad. Imagine, you buy such an edition of windows, install it on the home server and you can access all the data with those new, cheap desktop terminals, full desktop pcs, full mobile pcs, media tablets (iPad etc.) and Android/iOS smartphones. Why does Microsoft not take its developments for the cloud computing technology and moves it on a new “home cloud” product line that saves the PC industry?


I may be completely wrong with all this, but it’s my opinion. It may not work and could be the wrong way for the industry to take. But personally I believe in it. What do you think?


Long term, “Software as a Service” is much more profitable than just selling a single software license.