Hardware Graphics Acceleration

When I tried installing Fifa 2003 (original version, not copied) on my old computer, it installed fine but when I tried starting it it said:

Fifa 2003 requires Hardware Graphics Acceleration

I checked the hardware graphics accleration settings and they were on full. (http://www.setiathomescreensaverspeed.co.uk/setiathome/graphics/hga.htm)

Why won’t it work??

Does your computer have a graphics card that is capable of hardware 3D rendering?

That option is no way means your display card has Hardware 3D Acceleration.

Are you using SiS Virge/DX/GX? Or Nvidia Riva128? or Matrox Mystique?etc.etc…

everything after Nvidia RivaTNT has Hardware 3D Acceleration.

If you can check what video card you have, it may help us to solve the problem.

Ummm…I have an:

‘ATI 3D RAGE PRO (English) (DirectX)’

Does it have Hardware 3D Acceleration? If it does, then what’s the problem?

What if i downloaded a new driver? (From http://mirror.ati.com/support/drivers/powered.html )

Would that help?

Can you tell us something more about your hardware and software?

Type of CPU , Operating system , memory , DirectX version.

Have you consulted the Fifa 2003 readme.txt about supported video cards ?

ATI 3D Rage Pro and Fifa 2003 !

I am thinking that they will not go together.

ATI 3D Rage Pro is a very old card, it was a first-generation HW accelerated card, and not powerfull enough for Fifa 2003.

Yep, you’re right…I checked the readme.txt file in the Fifa folder and it had a list of video cards that Fifa would not work with. ATI Rage Pro was unfortunately one of them :frowning: