Hardware for VCR to copy tapes to HD/DVD?


I’m wondering what exactly I need to hook my VCR up to my computer, in order to copy my videos to DVD. I bought a USB device from Ebay that I thought would work but it didn’t, as the VCR didn’t have the right socket - it doesn’t have a socket for one of those round plugs with lots of tiny pins. The VCR only has the sockets for the plugs with one straight pin & sleeve setup.

Anyway, if anyone understands what I’m talking about in my ignorant way & can help… much appreciated! :bigsmile:

If you want to go the the cheap practical route

I have one of the cards, it’s easy to hook my vcr to this card via the cables provided.
DVD Power Producer (software included) easily captures VHS data.

DVD Power Producer easily converts that captured data to Video format.

The only potential problem might be MacroVision copy protection, but my VCR doesn’t have this problem, and there is some hw out there to deal with this.

Everything works great, it just takes 2 hours to capture a 2 hour video.
and it takes 1/2 hr to 1 hr to convert video.

If you get some other capture device, that conversion to video can happen on the fly, but you pay upfront, and IMO you might lose some quality.

Check out this link


Thanks for that. My VCR doesn’t have that sort of plug/socket. Do the cables provided have the 1 pin plugs on the other end of them, to connect my machine?