Hardware for burning BD-R DL in brillant quality




I would like to burn BD-R 50GB discs (from Verbatim) in really good quality. I’m not sure if the Buffalo BR-816 (external) or the LG BE06LU10 is the better choice for that purpose. Does anyone of you know which one is the better choice?

Burning speed is no matter at all. The quality of the burned disc should be superb.

By the way, does the burning software (Nero, etc) have an influence on the quality?

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Unlike CD/DVD scanning, BD disc quality scanning is not popular here due to the fact that only one brand that can scan blu-ray discs (Lite-On blu-ray drives), it takes between 40-90 mins to scan each disc, and no one dare enough to interpret the scan whether it’s good or bad burn.

Thus the only way to tell is to try the disc on your player, whether it’s your PC Blu-ray drives, PS3 or standalone blu-ray player.

As for Buffalo BR-816 (Panasonic SW-5584 clone) vs LG BE06LU10, it’s 8x vs 6x drive. You may want to look at LG BE08 (8x external). I would suggest LG as from what I see it can burn more media at 8x compare to BR-816. However the BR-816 reads blu-ray faster than the LG (8x vs 4.8x).