HARDWARE ERROR: No additional sense information



I’m trying to make a backup of a Safedisk2 disk on my HP 9710i Burner with CloneCD version 2.8.2? and version 3.x (something) and I’m getting the error “HARDWARE ERROR: No Additional Sense Information”

I’m pretty sure that I did the reading correctly, used Read Subchannel Information and Fast Error Skip. However the burner didn’t seem to have the option for RAW-DAO on the write screen under version 2.8 of CloneCD, so I’m thinking my burner just might suck?

By the way, anyone thinking about buying this burner, don’t. It’s a 16/10/40 burner, but if it reads over 20x or so it gets louder than hell. And so far I’m not enthusiastic about it’s ability to burn, although 16 times is damn fast. If I find out it can’t do safedisk2 i’m taking the piece of junk back.


The HP drives cannot handle SafeDisc 2 (some exceptions with units based on Philips hardware like the HP8250i)…

For a SafeDisc 2 compatible hardware list check the CloneCD Hardware Requirements or my own list here.


It could be the media. I had a SAF 6x burner and it gave me that message with Imation 12x media. When I tried TDK 12x media, it worked fine. I also replaced it with a Samsung 8x recorder and now it works fine with the Imation 12x media.


This is a error on your cd-rom(s)