Hardware Divx is just around the corner

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jsl used our newssubmit to tell us that e.Digital Corporation has singed a deal with the developers of DivX, DivXnetWorks to enable Consumer Electronics Devices to integrate and playback DivX…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3646-Hardware-Divx-is-just-around-the-corner.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3646-Hardware-Divx-is-just-around-the-corner.html)

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Well I’m sure you will be able to get MOD chips to bypass the DRM function much like you can with macrovision and regions :slight_smile:

Could someone not write a program that would let you play back a DivX movie via the XBox? The OS on the XBox is basically Windows 2000, and the machine is powerful enough to decode the video and audio.

Could someone not write a program that would let you play back a DivX movie via the XBox? The OS on the XBox is basically Windows 2000, and the machine is powerful enough to decode the video and audio.

Isn’t this the divx CD movie thingy just moooved to hardware…well no money from this little wackers pocket :7

I can see DRM (digital rights management going down faster than a drunken 90yr old lady with a broken hip. As soon aas one manufacturer breaks away from the pack and releases a device without DRM, the product will sell like hotcakes and the rest will be forced to ditch DRM,or lose out. Need I point out that virtually every person buying a standalone, or PC dvdrom/player looks for brands with region free or workarounds for Region coding? Brands that cannot bypass region coding sit on shelves forever. It will happen with DRM as well. Might as well not waste everyone’s time.

Alright Geezerz ! Yep - I echo wot Debro just said. Laterz … . :4

Debro - Hate to disagree but what you said isn’t true. The big name brands sell their DVD players purely on their name sake not on whether there are hacks out. The average person doesn’t know enough to be able to bypass region coding and they honestly dont give two hoots about the few that do cause they’re making so much cash off the majority that they’re sitting on their yatch’s drinking cocktails.

nila - Hate to disagree but what you said isn’t true ! Every geezer I know - even non technical ones - are put off by all dis region shite. Infact - itz amazing just how da average joe actually does get put off by bitz and pieces of disjointed info flying about. Laterz … . :4

speaking of modchips i just got a messiah full no-swap chip installed in my ps2 YAY I will never buy divx hardware with this crap on it

I wonder how much this feature will end up costing us plebs? I’m not paying top-dollar for something that only allows me to play my ripped discs.

The average American Consumer doesn’t care about region restrictions. The only movies most of us Americans care about are made in the USA. The USA makes the best movies period so its irrelevant to us.

Sheeeezzz Domino it’s closed door attitudes like yours that allow hemmaroids like gates and bulmer to proliferate… everything outside USA is irrelevant to goobers like you…and it’s the same attitude that lost russel crowe his well deserved oscar…Rsols…bring on the flak baby… :wink:

Here’s some information for anyone who wants to have hardware DivX playback right now with their current PC. Pay a visit to http://www.sigmadesigns.com/products/xcard.htm <b>Playback Functionality:</b> Plays DVD-Video, Superbit™ DVD, Super VideoCD (SVCD), and VideoCD (VCD) 1.x, 2.0 Plays DivX™ video (version 4.02 or later), MPEG-4, MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 files Play NTSC titles on PAL televisions, PAL titles on NTSC televisions Brightness, contrast, and color saturation controls <i>You control the viewing experience:</i> Full Frame (4:3 video for 4:3 display) Letterbox (16:9 video for 4:3 display, DVD playback only) Pan and Scan (16:9 video for 4:3 display, DVD playback only) Widescreen (16:9 video for 16:9 display) View movies on your television or VGA monitor (full-screen only) <b>Audio / Video Outputs:</b> Composite and s-video output (NTSC/PAL) Progressive or interlaced component YPbPr video output, scalable up to HDTV resolution (DVD playback limited to 480i, 576i and 480p) Optional SCART RGB connector kit available Stereo analog line output (mini-jack) S/PDIF digital audio output (RCA) <b>Video Decoding:</b> MPEG-4 advanced simple profile level 5* MPEG-2 MP@ML MPEG-1 720x576 maximum source resolution <b>Audio Decoding:</b> Dolby Digital (downmixed to 2 channels) MPEG-1 Layers I, II, and III (MP3) MPEG-4 low complexity AAC Compressed Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS output via S/PDIF — This card is based on the original Hollywood+ ideas, but the hardware is totally new. Although it’s DivX 4.02 (or higher) decoding, that’s fine because it’s still done through hardware :slight_smile: Macrovision, Regions and other things along those lines can be taken care of in the usual way.

Yeah, I saw that awhile ago. It looks like a sweet piece of hardware. The thing with the hacks is that the really smart hardware hackers, get into the machine/chips and see what they can and can’t do. Sometimes they get lucky and find workarounds or are able to spoof the hardware to bypass something and play normally. Then the next hard step is to refine it and make it simpler and figure out a way to distribute it or make a kit for it. Generally by the time the hardware is hacked, that specific model is outdated and no longer available for sale. My suggestion would be to go with a company that has been known to be “easily” hacked in previous models. They won’t necessarily redisign the device from the ground up when each model changes. They will most likely use their basse technology and add board(s) and features to existing hardware. That makes for the cheapest way to manufacture newer models and more features. The way that some hardware works makes it darn hard or nearly impossible to hack it because it’s such a headache to do easily. Remember, most hackers are determined, but mostly lazy. :wink: