Hardware compatability?

iam new to clone cd and are having difficulties using it. When i read with fifa2001 with clony, i get a response that its protected by ‘safedisc’. I then start clonecd VIA clony for the settings. When my player starts to read the info i get error ‘failed to read sector’ over and over, i have left it for 20 mins and progress is 0%.
Any ideas anyone?
My reader is a Pioneer dvd-rom 114 and my writer if i get that far is a LG cd-rw CED 8083b , any help is very much appreciated…MANY THANKS IN ADVANCE

Your Pioneer is not in the supported hardware list at Elaborate Bytes, neither is your LG.

Some additional info:

With SafeDisc it’s normal to have errors. There are about 10.000 in the first 5% of the disc. Normally when Fast Error Skip is selcted, these errors are skipped very fast (duh) but like Black Diamond sid: your burner is not supported :frowning:

You should try SafeDisc Unwrapper (www.csir.cjb.net). Copy the game with Nero by dragging and dropping all files from the original disc to your harddisc and copying them to a CD-R with the same label as the original. Now install the game from the backupo and use the SafeDisc Unwrapper on the main EXE. Your game will be cracked and can be played without a CD in the CD-ROM.

Or use cracks from www.gamecopyworld.com


thanks very much, just a note, what properties must a cd writer have to be able to run this software?

in addition to my earlier posting…my cd burner apparently couldn’t write ‘cdtext’ to audio discs in the subcode area but,when i contacted goldstar they said that it did, so when i forced it to write it with ‘feurio’ software it writes it perfectly? is this similar to writing the data in the subcodes in this program?

Because CloneCD will write the CD-Text in DAO-RAW mode which your burner doesn’t support. Therefore even if your burner can write CD-Text, CloneCD will not support it…

Ps. DAO-RAW simply said means writing of uncorrected data.

hello friend…
i contacted lg and they said the drive will definately support writing any ? data to the subcode area. so i gave it a try anyway and used my cdrw for reading to an image file. success! it read ok then wrote it back ok and the app works fine!
i contacted pioneer for specs on my dvd drive and they claim that it will read the subcode area ok. i haven’t tried it yet because i tried it before and presumed it had failed after so many read errors at the start (re my first posting).gonna try some more ‘on the fly’ with my dvd drive and will send you the results.
ps, do you have an address to update your database?
many, many thanks

Then you’re very lucky friend :wink: You can find the Hardware Requirements here. Your burner isn’t mentioned but if you say it works, then great. You should submit your finding to Olli, creator of CloneCD. CloneCD has an option for this I believe…

About the database: which one do you mean? I do not have one myself but you can find it at MoD’s StarGate.

Greetings :smiley:

sorry, i meant ’ clonecd’s’ data base gonna do a few more tests then maybe splash out on the registration to get some faster burning.
Thanks for your help again

What’s your mail address? I could help you with that…

i have updated my profile for mail view, thanks

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