Hardware Acceleration slider Radeon problem solved but still need answer


I posted a while back regarding menu pop up delays with my AIW Radeon when using newer drivers. I got a new Radeon 7500 AIW and had the same problem. I turned down the “Hardware acceleration” slider one notch and everything is great… but why? what does this do? (Decrease cursor acceleration and bitmap acceleration what does that mean) Does it effect games?


At full everything is accelerated, the next notch has some 2d stuff done by cpu, then i think all 2d are software, this shouldn’t affect any 3d games, i think at the 2nd highest notch is the best place for compatiblity and performance. Besides you can always test a game to see, or run 3DMark, I’m not sur whether 2000 or 2001 is better for u, I think 2000, and maybe also PCMark2001.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the reply. Do you know if this would indicate poorly written drivers or some sort of compatibility issue with my system?

If it was XP or ME or one of those less supported OS I’d say maybe it was ur platform. But from my experience with Nvidia drivers, I’d say it may just be the drivers, causing some incompatiblity. You shouldn’t worry about it tho as long as it works fine, since you shouldn’t be losing any performances either.

Hope this helps,