Hardware acceleration problems

hi everyone,
i have a problem playing games on my new computer i have this games for some time now and they always did work on my previous pc.

for example if i start up lotr i get an error message saying i need directX9 (witch i have) and that my hardware acceleration has to be on.
If i go to start > control panel > adjust screen resolution > problem shooter and then the box for advanced settings is greyed out so i can changed it in there.
My second attempt to fix it was by going to start type run and then dxdiag (for directx options) and i go look at the display tab all acelleration modes are enabled.
At this point i am out of solutions.

This is just a new desktop HP pavilion Elite m9890be with a NVIDIA GT 230 video card for the ones who would like to know.

I really hope someone could help me with this as it is verry anoying

I succesfully managed to solve the problem myself.

How i did it?

ok i was looking in my NVIDIA control pannel and i was checking out some settings. (specially the acceleration settings)
And then i saw the setting use TV resolutions only witch was cheked so i just turned it off and my problem was fixed.

i just added how i fixed so maybe someone els could use the solution aswell ty annyway guys and have fun.

Ehrm, the dx version is always bound to your gfx driver.