Hardware 5.1 Question

As some of you know,I have an ATI card,and am able to record DVD to my PC
using a Macrovision decoder. I was thinking about getting a Creative Audigy 2 Platinum soundcard which I found has
a 5.1 input like a Dolby Digital receiver. My question is that if I recorded picture and sound in the way my information dictates could I get a resulting 5.1 copy using my Sony DRU-500A.
So far it seems obvious,but I thought I’d ask here before I got too happy…Thanks to all who agree,uh um,

I don’t know if it would work but keep in mind that the audigy2 is the first soundcard with DRM (digital rights management) that prevents you from using the digital out (don’t now about in) if you are using unauthorized sound (so you hear nothing)

Well,snowie,if I got your meaning correct,
maybe i could record it,and hear it,on the resulting disc elsewhere. i don’t know,maybe I’m wishing for a miracle…:confused:

that’s right, normally it would work on an other system withoud an audigy2 or you could play it on your own system but then you have to use the analoge out.

Thanks ,Snowie,if I can hear the resulting disc elsewhere,that’s enough for me to
invest,I got a price of $156 from newegg.com,do you or anyone else know of a better price? Thanks again…:bow: