Hardrive Serial Tracking - DUNE



I installed Emperor Battle for Dune a while back on my hardrive. I am running Maxtor 81 gig. Once a week i make a backup of that drive with another Maxtor 81 gig. I use the software Maxtor’s backup software to make an exact duplicate through DOS. I was doing a random test of the data to make sure every backed ok.

When i went to ran Dune, the game started then backed out to the Windows desktop. I thought how could this be this is an exact duplicate of my main drive. I then ran the exact same test on another computer i have which has two 60 gig Maxtors on it. The exact same thing happened on that one.

When i run the game on the hardrve that the game was actually installed to it runs fine.

Both these drives are set top master and i have then on removeable shuttles so my computer never knows when the drives are swapped.

I think what is happening is when Emperor Dune is installing it is grabbing the serial number of the hardrive and attaching it to the game in the directory or in some other area maybe windows registry. With this deep level of anti-piracy.

This game is a online game also so it they are grabbing your serial number off your hardrive it wouldn’t suprise me if they are also recording that information when you play online, along with other private information we don’t know about.

I think this is bull #$*% and wrong. For those prople who think they have a perfect image of there hardrive archived for safety for use when your exisiting hardrive craches or system crashes, will whip ou that old Trusty backuo hardrive and guess what IT WON’T WORK OR A LEAST SOME OF THE SOFTwARE ON IT. I have heard that Microsh$&t is working on similar things with there new software and operating systems.

Please spread the word that this proctection scheme exists RIGHT NOW and let those that care about this kind of stuff know about it.

P.S. Does anyone know of a way to change your serial number on your hardrive to combat this sort of scheme?