Hardrive problem?

my cpu keep on making noise sound ‘tic tac tic tac’!!! is this the problems of my handrive,is it dying…or how can i know wat cause this ‘tic tac tictac’ sound??

and 1 more question,how can i check if my handrive is dying?

Are you sure that this isn´t the fan which goes tictac?

Maybe your harddrive is not fixed enough or is fixed too much ;D…

Also it could be a warning that your harddrive is dying, safe your important data on another place (DVD, CD etc).

How to check, ScanDisk etc., go to the website of the producer from your harddrive, they always provide Scanning Tools for their drives.

thanks for ur reply…i can sure that this is not the coz of the fans problems…the i heard the sound when i want to open a application or when my comp is lag n the sound comes out.n sometimes my comp hang n the sound continue unstopped.even i restart my comp the sound keep on sounding unstopped…i have to shut my power supply to make it stopped.after that i power up,my comp cant boot n giving the msg ‘missing wat ntrl(xp system file)’…this always happen after my comp hang with the unstopped ‘tic tac’ sound…

Find out who made your HD, then download the diagnostic program from that maker.
The typical “click of death” that comes from a HD is more of a “clack” sound that is usually accompanied by a system freeze that lasts a second or 2. Your drive sounds like it’s dying, suggest you back up everything very soon.

I don’t know if it’s related but I have this strange hissing noise whenever my processor is “thinking”. If the cpu is idle no noise, but when backing up in shrink or even scrolling the wheel on the mouse it’s the same hiss noise. Strange, I never noticed it when my case was closed.

thanks 4 ur kindly reply…but wat u mean by the quote??? n the sound that accompanied by my system freeze not last 4 a sec or 2 but it will continue until i shut off the power suply…

i m very curious abt will other part of cpu(except fans) like processor or motherboard can making tis kind of tic tac sound??

the bigone your drive is going i just had to replace my 80Gb samsung because mine clicked after i ran the diagnostic and kept making a high pitched whining noise, they replaced it with an 80Gb samsung with an 8mb cache!!

to tell if its your hard drive just take your side off, touch something metal to get rid of the electro static electricity in your body (dont touch the pc to do so) then just place 1 finger on the top of the drive and you will be able to tell

now i m considering to buy a new hardrive.i m considering 2 brand now which is maxtor n western digital…can anyone tell me which is better n which got temperature sensor?

Western digital is probably the best hard drive manufacturer going, mine doesnt seem to have a temp sensor but its not that important if you have decent airflow over the drive, Maxtor has always been one of those funny brands ive heard a few horror storys but i suggest you look into that yourself to get a proper opinion

ironically ive seen more Western Digital drives fail than Maxtors. Shrug.

I buy both brands though. just make sure they come with a decent warrenty. Both Maxtor and WD have advanced replacement options(they ship you a new drive then you ship the old one to them). As for the temperature sensors. Not sure. As far as i know neither of them have them (not even my wd 10krpm raptor which runs hot)

But always make periodic backups of your computer though. As i tell customers who ask why their hard drive fail… Nothing manmade is perfect.