Hardly any DVD player will read burns from my 708a

Hi everyone. I have been lurking around here for a while and figured I would post.

I have the 708a on an NForce2 ASUS Mobo with 1.04 firmware and it burns great.

My problem is getting anything but dvd roms to read movies. Even my LiteOn 16x has troubles reading some movies I have burned.

Here is the media I am using

Fuji 4x DVD+R I have burned them at 4x and 8x
Memorex DVD-R 4x

I have one APEX DVD Player that will play pretty much anything that seems to get along with most burns but I have tried them in a Panasonic, a Toshiba, and a Mitsubishi and they either cant play the movie or get hung up near the end of them.

I went from a Sony 500A which I had burning issues with. (As long as the disk completed I knew it would play)

For data the drive is not an issue. Its really buggin me. I have a 2 year old who loves movies and I would rather let him play with the copies than the orginials.

I have read in here that this is a common issue. Has anyone had any luck and if so, any tips?

Thanks a million in advance!

Hi and welcome! :slight_smile:

If you have any nforce IDE drivers installed, try uninstalling them. This may fix the issues.

If you could pick up a verbatim DVD-R or DVD+R or plextor DVD+R and test with this disc (write at 4x only) and see if it works it would be nice, then we would be pretty sure if it was media or writer that was the issue.